3 Simple Habits For Less Exhaustion

Who has energy to add more self-care to their day? If you’re exhausted, then trying to do more good things for yourself can easily become another reason to feel bad about the state of things.


And this, my friend, we do not want!


You’re doing a lot already. So the 3 habits I’m going to share with you are all about ways to do less.


1.Take 5-20 minute rest breaks

This will probably be the most difficult habit but it can be profoundly nourishing. Our brain’s ability to focus after more than 90 minutes goes down the toilet. But by getting 20 minutes of deep rest you can reset your energy levels and get back to work with more focus. No caffeine needed.

Suggestions for implementation:

  • Use a guided meditation (yoga nidra is amazing – if you want a recommendation, just ask)
  • Keep an eye cover and pillow in your car
  • Piggyback this rest on your lunch break
  • Instead of hanging out by the water cooler/kitchen during your afternoon slump, lay on the ground and put your legs up the wall. Set a timer for 10 minutes.


2. Move slower

The faster you move, the more you agitate your nervous system. Simply slow down when you are working or moving about your space. Type slower. Talk slower. Be present with your movement. Breathe deep. Slowness cultivates grounding and calm.


3. Eat without distractions

While you eat your meal, don’t do anything else. Put the phone away, let the conversation wait. Simply breathe and taste your food.


And there you have it!


Wishing you a calm week.
Big love,


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