About Heidi

Hi, I’m Heidi. I love nature. I grew up in a little house in the woods and, as an adult, spend as much time hiking and skiing in the mountains as I can!

Heidi in the mountains

I’ve always been concerned with doing things the “right way” - not necessarily in the standard, American dream kind of way, but in the alternative-follow-your-heart kind of way.

I became a vegetarian at 13, did yoga and studied hard, while also indulging my creativity and wanderlust. In my 20’s I let my heart lead and made decisions to live abroad and be my own boss. I did so many amazing things... majored in Studio Art at Rice University, lived in London, Buenos Aires, San Jose (CR), Montreal and ran a thriving web development company.

It was great… for a while.


Fast forward a decade and that vibrant life I had set up didn’t feel so vibrant anymore (even though I was living in places like Brazil and Alaska)! 

  • I was anxious (although I didn’t yet define it as such)
  • I was overworked (because I had zero boundaries)
  • I had insomnia (my mind simply couldn’t stop zooming and worrying)
  • I had no time for creativity, fun or social activities (because I always had work to do)
  • I dreaded getting out of bed and would wake up and cry in the bathroom most days
  • I was b.u.r.n.e.d.o.u.t.


Somehow, despite 100% believing in the magic of life, I had built a life that I was totally stuck in.

And I stayed there, year in and year out. Fulfilling my responsibilities to others and ignoring myself. Too scared to even put my phone on do-not-disturb, lest I disappoint someone.

Sure, I sought out help along the way. I did acupuncture, Yoga, Ayurveda, music & art classes, changed where I lived or who I worked with, invested in business programs and complained to my journal on a daily basis. These things definitely helped me but I was still stuck.

It wasn’t until I worked with a life coach who helped me to make a decision to sell my business, that I finally shifted my course. 


That one decision embodied my commitment to getting unstuck and healing my anxiety. It began a headfirst dive into finding answers and changing my life.

In that process, I learned that simply changing my circumstances (my job, my location, my activities) actually didn’t solve the problem. Instead, I had to reprogram the underlying mental patterns that drove my anxiety. What I found is that underneath the surface, I was running on deeply held beliefs, like:

  • I’m not enough
  • What I do isn’t good enough
  • I don’t have anything important to say
  • I did something wrong

These drove perfectionism, people pleasing, loose boundaries and exhaustion.

My clients have used the skill of self-confidence to accomplish great things in their lives. They've:

  • changed their career
  • decided they're ready for a partner
  • decided to go after a big goal they've been avoiding all their life
  • overcome paralysis
  • taken control of their time and their family schedule
  • healed their relationship with food
  • stepped into being their authentic self and speaking their truth
  • navigated traumatic life changes

When I integrated coaching into my daily life I began a process of changing the way I thought about myself and my life. I started making different decisions and doing things that stretched me outside my comfort zone. I began working as an Ayurvedic health coach, then kept investing in my training and got certified as a life coach. Now I'm a holistic life coach and I LOVE my work!

Some of the things I learned along the way are:

  • You can’t just change what you do, but why you do it
  • You have to get to the underlying cause of the problem if you want lasting change
  • For long term shifts you not only need to change how you live your life but also how you think. It sounds big but it actually happens by taking baby steps.
  • Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that the answers will come
  • It’s fundamental to optimize both mind AND body when you want to create change. We are holistic beings, everything is connected. Learning how to get better sleep, improve digestion and lower anxiety in the body help give you the power to take on the bigger questions in life.
  • Being kind to yourself and working with your energy levels will keep you from getting caught up in the cycle of burnout again


For me, life coaching was the key to bringing together all of my knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and living well AND discovering the underlying mental patterns that were driving my anxiety.

Now I love my life and am SO much less anxious. 

I fall asleep easily most nights and don’t wake up with my head spinning in thoughts. I’ve learned how to catch myself when my brain goes into a pattern of self-doubt before I start making decisions from it. 

I know how to align my body, mind and heart with the highest good for myself, my relationships and my business.


Now, I help my own clients get unstuck, build lasting self-confidence and create a life that they love. Sometimes they come to me with a clear problem, like being chronically anxious or struggling in their careers. Sometimes they just feel STUCK and nothing they’ve tried has truly solved the problem.

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Education & Training

Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School, Ayurveda Health Counselor from Spirit Path Yoga & Ayurveda Education, Insight Yoga Teacher
Graduate degree in Multi-media & Graphic design from SENAC São Paulo, Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art from Rice University.

I have studied Trauma Informed Yoga with Sarahjoy Marsh, Tapping with Margaret Lynch Raniere, Trauma Informed Space Holding with Katie Kurtz and many yoga and Ayurvedic classes on mind-body wellness.

I've been an entrepreneur since 2004, which is worth 10 graduate degrees!