Anxiety, confidence & your full potential

These three words – anxiety, confidence & living your full potential (ok that’s more that 3) – were the top areas of interest in a community poll I did earlier this week (thanks, by the way!).

As an introvert, does that resonate for you?

I was actually surprised that “living your full potential” was so popular. While I can only fill in the details with what I’ve seen in my self and my clients, I interpret this to mean that many of you feel like you’re capable of more… but just aren’t sure how to get there.

And that feelings like anxiety and self-doubt muddy your ability to see your path clearly – especially if you’re an introvert who spends a lot of time in their head.

I’ve seen this manifest as not even believing there is something more available to you. Instead, you get stuck in a loss of motivation or a loss of hope, that shows up as “this is just the way I am” or “this is the way things are and it’s good enough”.

I want to offer that we aren’t usually taught the tools we need to “live our full potential”. As kids, we are taught to do things the way those around us do them. 

Our expectations of what’s possible for us comes from others’ own limited beliefs and a misinterpretation of our own experiences.

Neither good or bad, this is just the way things are. It’s what happens when you’re a human living amongst other humans.

It also means that there are a ton of tools, perspectives and experiences out there that may not yet be a part of who you are AND that you can choose to incorporate into your life.

This is how you create transformation.

This process of seeking, applying and self-reflection become the evolutionary journey of your adult life, one that brings you closer to the essence of who you truly are.

Helping you on this journey is what I do as a coach. 

As a client, I help you:

  • Learn to manage and heal anxiety. 
  • Discover how to generate your own self-confidence that doesn’t require the approval of others. 
  • Get clear on what it means to “live your potential” and take concrete steps to making it a reality.

If you’re ready for a change, and want to know more about how coaching can help you wherever you’re at, you can connect with me for a consultation.

It’s a phone call of about an hour where we explore what it means to live your potential, what’s getting in the way and how you can move forward into it.

I can’t wait to connect.