Are you creating your overwhelm?

What if YOU are creating your overwhelm?

Wouldn’t you like to know that answer to that?

In fact, before I go any further, I invite you to pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself:

“How might I be creating overwhelm for myself?”

Notice what comes up.

Sit with it.

Learn from it.


Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s keep moving…

It’s SO important to ask yourself questions like those above because, with overwhelm, we almost always attribute it to what’s going on around us.

This effectively takes your power away and hands it over to your situation.

Whether you attribute overwhelm to the number of things to do for work, the kids constantly buzzing around you or the pandemic.

Overwhelm is all about feeling powerless.

(And fuzzy. And stuck…. I’ve soooo been there).

You think that you feel overwhelmed because of your situation, but it’s actually because you’ve given your power away.

And as long as you think that your situation causes the overwhelm, then you don’t have the power to change it = catch 22!

You’re constantly waiting for things outside of you to change:

  • for work to slow down
  • for the kids to chill out
  • for the pandemic to be over

This leaves you at the mercy of other people’s behavior and world events.

Even if those things go in your favor for a bit, they won’t forever. And then you’ll be right back in overwhelm.

So, what’s the alternative?

It’s to realize that overwhelm comes from you.

Overwhelm comes from the way you’re showing up in your life. It comes from your self-confidence. It comes from your relationship with yourself.

ALL of these things are under your control.

You can learn how to show up differently.

You can evolve.

You can grow.

You can learn how to empower yourself.

In fact, deciding to stop choosing overwhelm is actually an invitation to go on a journey of amazing self-growth… making overwhelm a GIFT. Because  you gain so much more from this journey than simply less overwhelm.

What does stopping creating your overwhelm look like in practice, you ask?

It can look like a lot of things. Here are a few ways that I’ve seen make a big difference:

  • Change your self-talk from “I’m so overwhelmed” to “I can do this one step at a time”
  • Realize that you choose to do EVERYTHING you do in life, even to raise your kids. So, instead of doing something because you “have to” or you “should”, you’re doing the things you do because you CHOOSE TO. Making this distinction in your mind brings your power back to you.
  • Time block. Decide ahead of time when you’re doing things instead of reacting to events all day long.
  • Create a daily rhythm that supports ease. Include time to reflect, destress and nourish yourself.
  • Work with a coach to build self-confidence, change  your self-talk and plan a life that supports greater empowerment

Consistent, committed action to do any of the above will move you away from overwhelm and towards empowerment.

You’ve got this.


Big love,



If you’re ready to overcome overwhelm and create a life that you love (even in a pandemic), I can help. You can schedule a discovery call here to experience a complimentary coaching session and learn more about how it all works.