Ayurvedic Cooking: Food as Medicine

Do you enjoy meal planning? Would you like to learn more about how to optimize your health (& your family’s) through nutrition?

Ayurveda gives us lots of great tools to understand nutrition and make choices that support your unique makeup (dosha). Food provides the building materials for our bodies and also has medicinal qualities that, when understood, can be used to support your health and well-being.

A great example is eating healthy fats. I grew up during the fat-free craze, which meant that I avoided fats like the plague for over twenty years of my life. Then I started seeing an Ayurvedic health counselor. As part of my treatment for anxiety and other Vata issues she recommended that I incorporate more fat into my diet. This slightly horrified me as I was already 20+ pounds overweight.

But I did it. I went full fat on the dairy, started eating lots of coconut fats and got super liberal with oiling down my veggies.

And guess what happened?

I lost weight.

And, combined with other self-care activities, my anxiety got better. That’s not going to be the answer for everyone, but it was for my Vata aggravation at the time. I am now no longer afraid of fat!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ayurvedic approach to eating, Spirit Path has a weekend workshop coming up in March called Ayurvedic Cooking for Health & Well Being. Ayurveda master and cooking queen, Amanda Lyon, will be talking about the doshas, the 6 tastes, digestion, spices, ingredients and putting together simple Ayurvedic meals. There will be demonstrations and, of course, eating! You can learn more on the Spirit Path website.

I do have 2 discounts of $75 to share with my VIPs (that’s you!) so please let me know soon if you’d like one (first come, first serve).

Much love and nourishing food for you this week!


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