Confidence coaching for introverts in 3 minutes

Would you say yes to having more self-confidence in just 3 minutes?

You’re reading this so the answer must be – yes!

Message received. Challenge accepted.

Put your thinking cap on.

Get ready for some rapid fire questions.

And commit to going all in because, why not?

Let’s do this.

So, you say you’re an introvert?

Tell me why.

Or rather, ask yourself “why?”

Why do you think you’re you an introvert?

Is it because you’re:

  • Quiet?
  • Shy?
  • Like to spend time alone?
  • Don’t like big groups?
  • Would rather hang out with your cat?
  • Fill in the blank:______________________________?

What’s the downside of being an introvert?

Is it that you:

  • Don’t express yourself fully?
  • Feel ignored?
  • Have a hard time socializing?
  • Are scared of being seen?
  • Get nervous easily?
  • Feel capable of more?
  • Fill in the blank_________________________________?

How does that downside feel to you?

  • Uncomfortable?
  • Embarrassing?
  • Shameful?
  • Frustrating?
  • Limiting?
  • Meh?
  • Fill in the blank _______________________________?

How often do you feel the above feelings?

  • Hourly?
  • Daily?
  • Only in specific situations?
  • Not often?

Ok, pause for a moment.

Take a breath and notice how you feel.

If you did indeed give your all, then you might be feeling some discomfort.

That’s because we’re in the realm of the unconscious. Of the automatic mind. Of the patterns that drive your behavior when you’re not looking.

Stay here a moment and let the answers to the above questions get the total attention of your brain. Like shining a giant spot light on stage. Scroll back up and stare at them in their glory for a minute….


What do you see?

Judgement? Self-doubt?

What else?

………{still staring}……..

Just notice. Without judgement.

Ok, scene 2.

Imagine that being introverted is a NEUTRAL thing.

Something that most people don’t get too worked up about.

Like having a chin.

Or 5 fingers on your hand.

They’re just there. No big deal (unless you’re a chinless, 4 fingered human, which is totally cool, too).

In what ways is being an introvert no big deal?

Would you tell yourself something like:

  • It’s all relative?
  • It is what it is?
  • There are all kinds of humans, and introverts are humans?
  • Everyone is different and that’s what makes life interesting?
  • Fill in the blank_______________________________________?

If you truly thought being introverted was no big deal, how would you feel?

  • Neutral?
  • Chill?
  • Unattached?
  • Fill in the blank_______________________________________?



Now. It’s time to go on a journey of the imagination.

Let’s shift the scene some more, shall we?

Imagine that being introverted is a SUPER power.

Like, the best. thing. ever.

Something that everyone wishes they had.

Like winning the lottery.


Why could someone love to be an introvert?

Would you say something like – because introverts:

  • Notice things that other people don’t?
  • Can connect with people one-on-one on a deep level?
  • Are often independent and self-contained?
  • Can connect to their creativity in profound ways?

Why else could someone love to be an introvert?
Fill in the blank_______________________________________?

And how about you, what could YOU love about being an introvert?

Choose one of the options from above or make up your own here___________________________.

If you actually answered that last question, then you have just chosen a thought.

Choosing your thoughts is THE MOST POWERFUL THING you can do to build your self-confidence.

It’s a skill that you practice, like lifting weights.

The more you do it, the more results you get.

And you just did it.

Nice work.


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