Core values – your guide to deep satisfaction with work

Hi beautiful introvert,

I’m in the midst of a profound journey this week—reconnecting with my core values for my business. It’s all part of my Director of Operations certification, and the experience feels quietly empowering. I’ve done values work multiple times since I began my life coaching for introverts business, and with each iteration, it bestows a newfound sense of clarity.

My values serve as my compass, guiding me through a maze of external messages and societal pressures. They allow me to let go of expectations that come from the status quo, and create success on terms that feel calm & true to me.

Embracing my authenticity and being true to myself is the key to satisfaction in my business.

Clarity in values doesn’t just end with self-discovery; it profoundly influences my decision-making process and shapes the strategies I employ in my business. It’s a continuous source of empowerment.

(Identifying your values is one of the first steps we take in my Systems for Ease strategy).

Here are my core values:

  1. Authenticity: 🌟 Not salesy or manipulative; my “professional” persona is simply me serving others, with monetary compensation as a byproduct. I don’t need to pretend to be fancy or conform to external standards. Embracing my uniqueness will differentiate me and connect me with like minded clients.
  2. Wholeness: 🌱 Work is an integral part of being a whole human. It serves life, rather than the other way around. Work fulfills my purpose and is my contribution to the world. It aligns with (instead of being at the cost of) my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  3. Empathy: ❤️🤝 Considering others’ perspectives and emotions, understanding how they drive behavior and decisions. In times of conflict, I choose compassion for their struggles.
  4. Kindness: 💖💫 Nurturing relationships that are built on respect. When conflicts arise, we turn to curiosity instead of criticism and blame. Don’t tolerate lack of kindness.
  5. Ease & Spaciousness: ⏰🌿 Managing time in a way that avoids pressure and rushing. Rejecting the glorification of productivity, making room for rest, self-care, and enjoyment. Leaving unplanned time for simply being.
  6. Self-awareness: 🤔💭 Reflecting frequently on my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, seeking understanding. Recognizing my needs and learning from my experiences.
  7. Personal (& cultural) growth: 📚🌱 Investing in learning, reflecting, and being open to challenging the status quo. Sharing my experiences within the wider conversation of wellness and sustainability.
  8. Regenerative action: 🌍🌱 Exploring work methods that maintain or enhance the well-being of myself, my clients, and my local and global community.

Put it into practice:

What are your core values? How can you use them to make decisions in your own work & life?


Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash