Loss workshop

Workshop: Finding yourself after loss

A workshop to help you support yourself as you move forward with your life.


When you experience a major loss in your life - divorce, death, children leaving or your own aging process - it can shake the very core of who you are.

The grief that comes up can be profound and consuming. Yet, there comes a point when you feel the urge to move from embracing grief to discovering what’s next for yourself.

You might notice that your self-confidence is low. You might feel immense inertia to take action - or a lack of trust in your ability to follow through. You might feel incapable or unclear in what you want and who you are. Or you might feel like you lack the internal and external support to move forward.

In this workshop, you'll learn concepts and tools to help you hold space for your grief and move forward with greater self-confidence.


This will be a workshop style class with questions for you to journal on and exercises that you may participate in, if you desire. We'll cover these topics:

  • Holding space for the ebb and flow of grief
  • Finding yourself
  • Rediscovering joy and connection
  • Creating a gentle plan for moving forward


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Wednesday, February 9th
10am AKST / 11am PST

Coach Heidi Jandel Weiland

More about Heidi

I’m a holistic life coach. I help healers, therapists and introverted women to feel grounded and empowered in their work and life.

Using a mind-body-spirit approach, I teach my clients how to overcome self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety.
I'm a certified life coach from The Life Coach School, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and a yoga teacher. I love backcountry skiing in the mountains of Alaska (my home) and dabbling in creative activities of all kinds.

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