Simple tools for introverts to regulate their nervous systems

A workshop for introverted women

We're living in stressful times and when you're a sensitive person, it can feel extra overwhelming to show up to life as usual. This can be so frustrating because you know that you're capable of more but just don't have the capacity.

The resilience of your nervous system (also referred to as "ojas" in Ayurveda), plays a big role in how stressed you feel and in how much you have to give to your life.

When you're operating with low resilience (ojas), you get stressed more easily and more intensely. Your sensitivity increases, which can translate into reactive emotions and difficulty getting things done.

Improving your ability to self-regulate in stressful moments, as well as, your ongoing nervous system care will help you build up your resilience.

You'll feel stronger and bounce back from stressful situations with grace.

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This is a hands-one workshop where I'll invite you to reflect on your own experiences and plan how to implement everything that you learn to help you feel better immediately.

We'll draw on tools from Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, life coaching and trauma informed practices to learn how the nervous system works and how you can support yourself to feel more resilient - so that you can show up to life more fully.

In this 55 minute workshop you'll learn:

  • To see your stress patterns in a new way
  • What drives burnout
  • 3 pathways to greater resilience
  • Simple tools to help (and why they work)
Coach Heidi Jandel Weiland

More about Heidi

I’m a holistic life coach. I help healers, therapists and introverted women to feel grounded and empowered in their work and life.

Using a mind-body-spirit approach, I teach my clients how to overcome self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety.
I'm a certified life coach from The Life Coach School, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and a yoga teacher. I love backcountry skiing in the mountains of Alaska (my home) and dabbling in creative activities of all kinds.