Create Your Dream Life: Vision Boarding Workshop

September 10th & 17th, 6:30-8pm

Take a step closer to realizing your dreams in this fun, hands-on 2 day workshop.

Vision boards are an amazing tool to help manifest your goals. Using playful art making, this workshop will help you get clear on who you want to become & the greatest possibility for your life. You’ll walk away with an inspiring vision board collage and home practices to help you to continue to take action towards your dreams.

The workshop is divided into two days. On Day 1, you’ll be led through brainstorming exercises to get you inspired about the possibilities for your future. You’ll begin doing layout and planning on your vision board. Homework will be to research additional images and materials to fulfill your vision. On Day 2, you’ll complete your vision board so that it’s ready to take home and hang up!

Please bring old magazines and craft materials that you’d like to use.

Sign up on the Yoga for Mental Health website calendar here >>>

Where: Yoga for Mental Health, 406 G Street, Ste #212
Cost: $25

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