Do your emotions control you?

I’m studying a lot about feelings right now and how they influence our behavior. It’s fascinating stuff. For example:

Did you know that our emotions are what determine our actions?


If your answer is yes, then do you know what feelings motivate your day-to-day actions?
For example, when I experience the feeling of motivation, I organize my daily tasks into my calendar, get to work, respond to emails, write Facebook posts, build my business, etc.

When I experience the feeling of connection, I text family, reach out to friends and make plans.

Those are positive feelings that generate constructive actions that lead to positive results in my life.
On the other hand, when I experience the feeling of overwhelm, I find it hard to get work done. My brain spins out and I end up needing a break or to take a nap. The result is very little work done.

Likewise, when I experience the feeling of loneliness, I eat something sweet and chocolatey and binge on Netflix. Alone.
The net result from these last two activities is either zero or negative.

Sure, I avoid feeling the negative feels but I also waste valuable time that could be used for connecting, creating and caring for myself and others.

And if I engage in activities that are actually harmful to myself, then I create a future where I feel worse than before.
I do the sweets and Netflix thing to escape. Other people choose cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, sex, porn, excessive socializing, overworking, managing other people’s lives, etc.

Using such activities to escape feeling emotions is called buffering.
Buffering is an unconscious habit that has net zero or negative results.  These activities actually keep you from processing your emotions – which keeps you in a perpetual loop.

In other words, buffering keeps you stuck.

This has a huge cost on your life.

Ask yourself:

“What else could I do in my life if I didn’t spend so much time engaging in buffering habits like watching tv, messing around on my phone, overworking, managing other people’s lives or being high?”

“Who could I be??”

“What could I accomplish??”


These questions are SO important because once you become aware of how your emotions run your life and what it’s costing you, you can do something about it. You can take control and get back in the driver’s seat.

When you’re in the driver’s seat, you can finally stop driving in circles and get back on the road of the greatest possibility for your life.

After all, you only have this one life.
And I know you can do great things with it.


Here’s to the road ahead. 🚗🛣

P.S. If you’re ready to let go of old emotional patterns and step into your most vibrant life yet, let’s chat. You can send me a message so that we can set up a time to connect. Amazing things are available to you when you have the help to break through!