Eating Tips For Winter (Vata Season!)

How do you know that it’s vata season? If the chill in the air or the descending snow line on the mountains isn’t enough, then the sudden surge of pumpkins in stores and on door fronts is a pretty darn good indicator!

During this time, we feel naturally drawn towards cozier indoor environments or trips to warm places like Hawaii or Brazil (in my case). We also become inclined to eat cozier foods like warm soups and creamy, sweet treats. Following this instinct and getting into the rhythm of the season not only helps keep your digestion optimal, it can also bring a greater sense of harmony (or “grounding” as we say in Ayurveda).

In general, move away from eating foods that are cold, dry and light and favor warm, moist foods

I’ve put together a handout that you can download and print that includes food recommendations, as well as other lifestyle recommendations that are great for Vata season (and Vata imbalance)!. Download your Vata tip sheet here.

I’ve also included a video link below that provides more background information and walks through recommended foods.

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