Empowerment is a skill

There’s a lot of talk right now about things have gone to pot.

And there are a lot of numbers being thrown around to prove this.

Data on unemployment, retail sales, closed businesses, retirement accounts, the number of days since lockdown and the number of days until it’s extended again…

It’s easy to make these numbers mean that we’re not ok. That we’re stuck in this and there’s very little we can do but wait.

When you take this perspective on as your own you give your power away.

The key here is to see that your power isn’t being taken away, it’s being given away.

And when you give your power away, you feel stuck, overwhelmed and anxious. You stop doing things that take care of yourself. Creativity wanes and it’s harder to adjust to change.

You end up in a holding pattern, waiting for things outside of your control to change.

The good news is that you can take your power back without anything outside of you needing to change.

Here’s how:

Step 1: see the world without judgement

Choose to see the circumstances around you as neutral. As neither good or bad.

Allow the world to be as it IS.

Take a deep breath after you experience something potentially triggering (like the news) and let it just be what it is without jumping into the drama.

Don’t get lost in opinions or fears.

Let the outside world be, say and do what it does.

Like the wind. It’s not good or bad. It just is what it is.

Step 2: know that your power comes from within YOU

If you believe this, then it will be true for you.

Your power does not come from money or a job or an economic system.

Your power comes from your belief in yourself no matter what and your courage to act from that belief.

You control this. Always.

Learning how to do these 2 steps is a skill, which means it takes DAILY PRACTICE.

Practice this now. Take 1 minute to walk through these 2 steps.

Then do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Empower yourself. Build the skill. You got this.

Big love,


P.S. Building the skill of empowering yourself is simple but not always easy. When you’re in the heat of overwhelm and self-doubt, having a guide to help you through can be incredibly helpful. And worth it. Because when you learn to stay in your power, your life becomes yours to live – today!

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