Exhaustion doesn’t happen overnight

Exhaustion doesn’t happen overnight. It builds up over time.

As a result of your day-to-day actions.

The question is, what are the actions that slowly deplete you over time?

They might be things like:

  • Consistently working late
  • Checking email every 10 minutes
  • Talking and worrying about things beyond your control
  • Watching/listening to too much news and social media
  • Indulging in junk food or alcohol on a daily basis
  • _____{add your own here}______


Not taking action can also lead to depletion. This could look like:

  • Not saying no when others ask you to do things
  • Not making space to process your negative feelings (so they get squeezed down inside and then pop up when you least want them to )
  • Not doing self-care, eating well and taking care of your body
  • Not getting help to troubleshoot challenges like getting good sleep or quitting drinking
  • Not doing things that are fun
  • Not making time to connect with others
  • _____{add your own here}______

Just writing those things out brought MY energy down, oof!


Each small decision of each day either depletes you or nourishes you.

This means that you have an incredible power for change built into each day.

And you get to practice it each day.

By making tiny, 1% changes in the direction of self-support, you’ll change the overall direction of your life.

Not only that, but you’ll slowly remake your daily habits so that they support a lifestyle of feeling more energized and happier. 

I’m not advocating a life of perfection but rather a life that results from you consciously choosing what you do. And through having a supportive relationship with yourself.

Put it into practice

Ask yourself:

  • What can I do less of? (You can look at my lists above for ideas)
  • If I did this a tiny bit each day, what impact would that have on my day? My week? My month?
  • How can I support myself to follow-through?


If you get stuck, just send me a message. Let’s get your energy back on track.