Have You Failed At Your Goals Already?

It’s February. Can you feel it?

I can.


As I sit here, the warm sun is shining on me. I have to pull my blinds just so to keep the light out of my face. Each day, I can feel the day growing longer and my body is starting to crave yummy fresh things like raspberries and lemongrass.


It’s also been long enough for me to put in a good effort with my 2020 goals and experience some fails.

Yep, I’ve failed at my 2020 goals.

BUT I haven’t given up.


In fact, I know that THIS is exactly where I need to be. Because it’s through failure that big goals are achieved. The trick is to keep going.


This is called failing forward.

It’s the key to reaching your goals.


Because failure is often a show stopper for us, this month I’m going to focus on the topic of achieving goals (as opposed so just setting them).

February and March is actually an ideal time to pursue goals. ESPECIALLY if you’ve already failed at them (who hasn’t?).


As the year awakens into spring, a deeper energy of new beginnings and unforeseen possibilities blossoms.

This is kapha energy rising. It embodies awakening, of bringing forth a new vision of self that is ready to be set in motion.


So then, the question is: 

what is your new vision of self?


What do you do?
What do you not do?
How do you feel?

And, most importantly, what do you believe about yourself?


Take 5 minutes to answer the questions above.




Then share them. With me. With your partner. With your dog.


Let your vision be known!

This is just the beginning.

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