Heal Imposter Syndrome Guide

Welcome to this powerful guide to help you heal imposter syndrome and build your self-confidence.

If you’re not sure what the imposter syndrome (aka imposter complex) is or how it relates to confidence, you can read about it in the Top 6 signs you suffer from imposter syndrome here.

How to do this guide and experience transformation

This heal imposter syndrome series is best done over 4 weeks so that you can experience the shift that comes from consistent work. I recommend doing one step per week, making time for the exercises each day and giving it your all.

The 4 steps to healing imposter syndrome

Putting it into practice

A big part of the practice is creating the structure for you to do your healing work. This involves your calendar. It’s ok if this is hard at first. Learning to schedule and keep commitments to yourself is part of the work.

  1. Decide on a day that you’ll start (I recommend Sunday evening or Monday morning) and schedule about 5-20 minutes in your calendar for this.
  2. Decide on what time you’ll do your daily check-ins and put that in your calendar.
  3. On your start day, read the blog post, then do the exercises.
  4. Each subsequent day, be sure to check-in with yourself at least once, either repeating the work from your start day or doing any recommended follow-up work for the week.
  5. Acknowledge & celebrate when you show up. Forgive yourself when you forget and then start fresh the next day.

Let the transformation begin!

If you’re ready to make big shifts in self-confidence, life coaching can help make this happen. You can sign up for a free coaching call with me here, where we’ll do a deep dive into your life and help you take a step towards more freedom and confidence.