Holiday gift list for healing & transformation

I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite people and products to help you turn your holiday buying into a deeply nourishing gift. 

I’ve chosen these recommendations in the hopes that they can help you strengthen your (and your loved ones’) foundation for creating a better year in 2022.


Banyan herbs and massage oil for stress management: I LOVE Banyan products, they make up the bulk of my daily self-care and herbal routines and I recommend them constantly to my clients. Consider their Stress herbal tablets and vata massage oil this winter. 

Mudwtr morning (or afternoon) coffee alternative: In addition to having an awesome blend of focus & energy enhancing herbs and mushrooms as its base, it also has chocolate! It’s super yummy with some sweetener and cream. I love the ritual of coffee but, sadly, it can really ramp up my anxiety. Their blend has a smidge of black tea so there is a bit of caffeine. I’ve seen it sold in Anchorage at Summit Spice and Market Juice, or you can buy online.  

Learning to Love Yourself by Gay Hendricks: I loved his classic The Big Leap and have found this particular book to be a great one for bite sized reading. I like to read a bit, then let his stories & insight on self-trust settle in. A great book to inspire a more supportive relationship with yourself. 

Classes & coaching

Yoga for trauma and healing: Kara Troglin offers classes to : “overcome anxiety & thrive with trauma informed & mental health aware yoga. Yoga that is gentle, loving, and kind.” She has a gentle, comforting energy and a kitty that makes occasional appearances to her online classes.

Healing your relationship with food: Sarah Joy Marsh has an incredible source of knowledge and love to share. While I’ve not taken this particular course, I have profound trust in her as a guide through trauma and healing. I believe the next round of her Hunger, Hope & Healing course will begin in January.

An online community for folx in recovery: my fellow coach and friend Blaze Bell has a beautiful program that takes a fun, spiritual, crystals-totally-allowed approach to supporting you through your recovery journey. The program includes healing modalities like hypnotherapy and tapping to help you transform inner trauma. Learn more about Sober & Sovereign here. I am an affiliate for this amazing program.

Just for men: I recently met Brendon Bennett and immediately connected with his work. He takes a very similar approach to coaching as me but focuses specifically on supporting highly sensitive men. His Mens Group Mentorship sounds like an amazing support for men who are looking to do deep inner work.

My Offerings

Free restorative class: Next Wednesday, I’m super excited to offer a gift to you in the form of a relaxing & healing evening class called Holiday Pause. It’s my way of supporting folx during winter/holiday madness/pandemic burnout/social upheaval and anything that’s happening within your own lives. We’ll get to move a bit, breathe and rest deeply. Learn more & register for this free class here

1-1 private coaching: I’m accepting new clients who want to create change in their lives. Whether this means healing relationships, anxiety or self-doubt or playing bigger in your life. I combine practices from yoga, Ayurveda and life coaching to support you holistically and meet you where you’re at. If you’d like to chat more about coaching (or anything else), I invite you to schedule a Virtual Tea Date to have a chat with me.

Let me know if you find something on this list that inspires you, I’d love to know what speaks to you!