how DO you create a better life??

How often does the desire to change your work, relationship, body, living situation, mental health, {fill in the blank}, etc, come up for you?

In my world, it comes up all the time. Both for myself and for the folks I’m in conversation with.


So often the conversation leads to asking “but HOW?!?”

How can I feel less anxiety?

How can I feel more confident?

How can I stop hating my job?

How can I stop sabotaging my relationships?


This question often leads us to look OUTSIDE ourselves for the answer… “someone else MUST know more than I do, right”?

And so we buy a thing, read a book, start a program… all with the hopes of finding the magical answers. And then we get frustrated when we don’t find them… (or distracted by the next shiny object that promises the answer).


Instead, I want to offer that the answer to how to create change is already inside of you.


Think about it….


YOU created your current life.


The actions that you take or don’t take CREATE the life you have now.


If you stay quiet, people please, get caught up in perfection and beat yourself up…. THOSE actions are going to create certain results in your life that are BASED on those actions.


But, why then DO you take those actions?
Are you aware that they’re a choice?
Or do they not feel like a choice?


Your actions are driven by your feelings. 

You take actions to either move toward a feeling or away from it…


Like when you reach for a snack when you’re feeling stressed out.

Or you stay quiet when you’re feeling self-doubt.


Changing how you respond to your emotions is one of the keys to creating change.


The other key is learning to create more productive emotions.

You do this by changing how you think.

It’s your beliefs and daily thoughts that create most of your emotions.

If you have crappy beliefs about yourself (“I’m not good enough”), then you’re going to generate crappy feelings.


That’s it. 


That’s the secret that is going to help anyone to create change in their life.


It sounds simple. And it really is. 


Put it in to practice

  • What are the top 3 feelings you feel  most of the time?
  • What are the thoughts/beliefs that create those feelings?
  • What 3 feelings do you WANT to feel most of the time?
  • What do you need to believe in order to create those feelings?


I hope this helps to unlock the answers within you. They’re already there.


Big love,



P.S. While you can totally do the work of changing your thoughts and feelings on your own, having support can help you make this process quicker and easier, especially when you’re ready to make a big shift. 

My coaching is all about helping you to change your life – now. It’s a container where you get accountability, troubleshooting, custom tools, space holding and kicks in the butt, as needed. 

If this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up for a free consultation call with me.   Learn more and sign up here.