How my art project became my life

Three years ago when I did the vision board above, I was stressed out, burned out and exhausted. I had 20 extra pounds on me, insomnia twice a week (if I was lucky), next to no social life and felt completely stuck in the business I had built with no clear direction on how to get out of any of it.

I remember it took me several months to actually complete this vision board, which was an assignment given to me by my Ayurvedic Health Counselor at the time (shout out to Sam Norman = life changing coach for me). I had no real idea what I wanted to put on the big 19″ x 24″ piece of vellum paper that I’d been storing since college art school days. I would grab random magazines and waste hours going through them, cutting out images of pretty things, nature and yoga.

However, once it came together, I could see a larger theme. Peace. Ease. Freedom. Connection. Lightheartedness. Less weight on my shoulders (literally). Clarity.

So what happened after that?

Well, I’m flabbergasted to say that I have completely stepped into that vision.

My vision from 3 years ago is now my reality.

I have more peace, ease, clarity and connectedness than I have had in a decade. I have more energy and (here’s the big one), I have clarity!!! I know what I want for the future and have a path to get there. It feels like a miracle to me, lol.

So, what did it take to get here?

Basically, a LOT of work. And a willingness to be uncomfortable.

To be more precise, I learned:

  • the techniques of Ayurveda that turn everyday habits into powerful agents for change
  • how to view the world and myself in terms of the doshas (patterns) and utilize that knowledge to work more efficiently, stay in balance and be vibrantly healthy
  • how to deeply energize myself and how to keep myself from leaking vital energy all day long (like I used to)
  • how to troubleshoot the thought patterns that were creating the crappy results in my life and how to truly reframe them so that I can get the results that I want
  • that taking consistent action is the only thing that will get me unstuck, but sometimes action must come after hibernation
  • that I will achieve my goals faster and deeper by getting help from those that have already created those things for themselves


My new vision board = what’s possible next?

My new vision board for the next phase of my life.I’ve just finished with a new vision board and, wow! It sure is different!

It’s all about building, performing, creating, connecting and stepping into my power. It’s big and beautiful and scary.

The best part is that I know that I have the tools and the ability to become what I’ve placed on this board. I believe this vision can be a reality.

I’m so excited for the next 3 years!

And if I can do it, you can do it, too.

So, here’s to the amazing capacity for us (as humans) to reflect on ourselves, make change and see our lives transform.

Cheers to that. 🥂

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