How to make empowered decisions

Ahhhh, decisions…..Most of us spend waaaay too little time thinking about how we make decisions.

Instead, we get caught up in hemming and hawing about what’s the right decision, weighing the pros and cons, calculating our budget and sitting on it until lightening strikes.

We do this out of fear.

Fear of making the wrong decision.

Fear of it not working.

Fear of not having enough money/time/knowledge/etc.

And that keeps us churning our wheels and holding back. Sound familiar?

Instead of being in charge of the experience of our lives, we let fear lead us. We let the numbers in our bank account lead us. We let the limitations of our current lives lead us.

And what does it lead to?

Most often, more of the same.

Making decisions this way keeps you anchored in the past, snug in the comfort of your box, instead of courageously stepping forward into a larger vision of yourself.

However, you can learn how to make decisions differently – in an empowered way.

Making empowered decisions opens up your life to new and amazing possibilities.

When I was considering doing a life coaching certification, there came a moment where I could either remain in endless-research-mode or decide to go all-in on an $18,000 training (that I did not have the money for).

I remember the moment clearly when I decided to do it. I was in the bath tub with my iPad, obsessing over the application. And for a moment I tapped into a belief that it would be worth it, that I have what it takes and that I would figure out the money.

So, I said yes.

I felt incredibly expansive.


And scared.

But I did it. I said yes.

And, with help, I found the money.

It was so worth it.

Making that decision has opened up so many doors in my life and continues to do so. It definitely changed my life.

That’s not to say that it was perfect. No decision ever is. But it was worth it.

And, just as importantly, I’ve proven to myself that I am worth it, I do have what it takes and I can figure out the money.

So, how do you learn to make empowered decisions? I’m so glad you asked!

How to make empowered decisions

A decision is an action. Your feelings are what drive your actions. You either do or don’t do something because of how you feel.

If you want to make empowering decisions, you have to create a feeling of empowerment for yourself and make your decision from it. This is an internal process that doesn’t depend on:

  • What other people say about you
  • Your past performance
  • The money, time or resources you currently have access to

The feeling of empowerment comes from what YOU believe about yourself.

And you’re in charge of that.

Empowerment comes from you consciously deciding to support yourself with beliefs like:

  • I got this
  • I can figure this out
  • I’m willing to make mistakes and learn from them
  • I’ll make this work, no matter what

When you adopt these beliefs as true and non-negotiable, and use them in your decision making, they will give you energy and courage to make the hard choices. Often, this will lead you outside of your comfort zone and will feel uncomfortable. This is an excellent sign that you are in the growth zone.

When you make empowered decisions, you empower yourself.

Empowered decision making leads to greater empowerment.

It all starts with you believing in yourself.

Weekly challenge

  • Every day, practice making decisions from a place of empowerment.
  • Be willing to feel uncomfortable and trust that you can navigate the results of your decision making.
  • Share your experience with a trusted friend or with me by replying to this email.

Wishing you an empowered week.

Big love,