In support of equality and healing

The bandaid’s been ripped off and the wound beneath seeps with unhealed pain and racism.

The protests and riots around George Floyd’s death have finally convinced me that this is a problem that needs to be addressed NOW. I’ve known that racism continues to be a problem in America but haven’t taken it on for myself, which only serves to permit it to continue. I’ve stayed in my white, middle class perspective, focused on the world in my direct surroundings without actively reaching for perspectives beyond it.

It’s time to take ownership for my part in unconscious racism and to stand up for what I believe.

So, here’s what I believe:

  • Black. Lives. Matter.
  • we have to create a society in which Black people can feel as safe as white people
  • every human being deserves the benefit of the doubt, independent of race, gender, nationality or culture
  • every human being deserves the space to express and process emotions like anger and grief without being judged
  • that our law, law enforcement, tax system, educational system, work, public and private services must recognize unconscious, institutionalized racism and implement changes to ensure each human being receives unbiased treatment
  • white supremacy exists in American culture and so it exists in me. Despite that, I am not racist but my silence contributes to racism.
  • the beliefs & biases in our culture become our own. We must actively name these biases and address them through discourse, programs, coaching, etc
  • this work will be ongoing and must be built-in to how we work and socialize
  • I can do more to listen to and be a conduit for BIPOC voices
  • humans are capable of great change, and that includes changing our institutions
  • the potential for evolution of our civilization is ripe. It’s time to change.

How will I this translate into ongoing action?

  1. by including more diverse voices in my content consumption (i.e. by listening & learning)
  2. by sharing and crediting theses voices
  3. by seeking to understand the perspective of BIPOC around the services I provide for my clients
  4. by addressing race in my own content and coaching
  5. by building my business with Diversity & Inclusion as an integral part
  6. by choosing a non-profit to follow and financially support, which promotes anti-racism
  7. by committing to all of the above for life

I invite you to identify what you believe and how you want your own life and actions to reflect those beliefs.

What you do (or don’t do) matters.

This is just the beginning for me, and many of us, when it comes to understanding the problem of racism in its current form and on living into a more just society.

If there were easy answers, we’d already been doing them. This work will take patience and openness and a willingness to feel uncomfortable (just like personal growth – imagine that)!

Image by Jackson David from Pixabay