Intro to Ayurveda, 1/29 @ 7pm at Spirit Path

Feel better with Ayurveda

Do you experience digestive issues, trouble sleeping, stress or anxiety? Do you prefer an integral mind-body approach to achieve lasting wellness? Ayurveda, an ancient system of healthcare rooted in the same foundations as yoga, has powerful tools that can bring greater balance, peace and love to our modern lives. Through nutrition, sensory therapies, lifestyle changes and supportive coaching, Ayurveda can empower you to transform your health – and your life.
This brief presentation will introduce you to the core concepts of Ayurveda, help you to identify your imbalances and give you a taste of what Ayurvedic treatment is like. There will be a question and answer session at the end.

This is a free event.

Date: Monday, January 29, 2018
Where: Spirit Path, 505 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage

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