Is your self-talk disempowering you?

You’re with yourself ALL. DAY. LONG. Most of the time, the voice inside your head chatters away without much notice.

When you stop to listen to the conversation happening in your head, is what you hear supportive? Or self-sabotaging?

Sometimes the self-sabotage might be obvious negative thoughts, like:

  • “I did a crappy job.”
  • “I don’t have anything to say.”
  • “I don’t deserve more than this.”

Or it can be a little more subtle:

  • “I don’t have enough time/money so I can’t do {this thing that I would love to do}.”
  • “I should have gotten it done.”
  • “The circumstances aren’t right for me to do {what I want} so it’s on hold.”

When you say these things to yourself, most of the time you probably don’t even notice. It becomes so habitual that it’s background noise.

When negative thoughts become habitual, they turn into beliefs about what you think is true about yourself and your ability to get results.

OF COURSE this is disempowering. 

Just imagine if all day long you had a personal assistant following you around, pointing out everything you’ve done wrong or that wasn’t good enough, wouldn’t that be the most annoying thing in the world?

Wouldn’t you think that person was full of B.S.?

Wouldn’t you tell that person to get lost?

Yet, we say those awful things to ourselves constantly and BELIEVE them. 

When you believe negative thinking, you give your power over to it.

And this is totally normal.

It’s just another manifestation of your brain’s self-protection mechanism. As long as you keep doing things the same old, small way, you will avoid risk and danger.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you have a lot of negative self-talk. Your brain is just trying to take care of you.

BUT I bet you have some exciting dreams that you’d LOVE to make happen in your life.

I bet you have things to say.

I bet you have a whole side of you that is longing to get out.

And it’s totally possible.

So, when you listen to the conversation in your head and notice a lot of self-sabotaging thoughts that are disempowering you, try this:

  1. Thank your brain for wanting to keep you safe. It truly is a valuable effort but isn’t needed right now!
  2. Ground into the knowledge that a negative thought is not THE TRUTH. Yes, it might feel like it. You might have a list of reasons why it seems true. But if it’s keeping you from your dreams, YOU CAN CHOOSE to not believe it anymore. So, choose not to believe it!
  3. Repeat #2 all day long.

Doing this will create space for new thoughts about yourself.

Thoughts that empower you. Thoughts that make you feel strong and capable and that compel you into action.

When you think new thoughts over and over, they become beliefs. They become your new empowering truth.

Here are a few of my personal favorite empowering thoughts:

  • I’m doing the best job I can do right now and that’s enough
  • I’m proud of myself for doing it and making mistakes
  • I know how to figure things out
  • I have what it takes

What’s your favorite empowering thought?

Wishing you some great conversations with yourself this week.

Big love,




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