Kapha season tips

Kapha season (the Ayurvedic term for spring) awakens us from our restful winter mode, bringing more light and energy into our lives. Embodying youth, growth and beginnings, it’s a great time of year to let go of what no longer serves you and to start something new.

Many of us also experience the unwanted effects of spring. Allergies, colds, flus, infections and general mucous can plague the best of us, especially kids. Here are a few general recommendations to help combat these unwanted spring side-effects:

  • Food*: increase fresh greens, sprouts, citrus fruits, beans
  • Food: decrease or avoid dairy products, cold foods and beverages, caffeine
  • Food: decrease fat consumption only if you are at or above a normal body weight
  • Movement: increase activity levels, especially outdoor activities
  • Body care: use a neti pot several times per week

* Always avoid foods that you are allergic or sensitive to.


Also, here are additional recommendations to take advantage of the spring energy:

  • Body care: Consider doing a gentle cleanse
  • Schedule: say no to something that you’ve committed to but that doesn’t light you up
  • Schedule: explore something new. Take a class, invite someone new to lunch, try a new haircut, you get the picture!


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