Lead by example this Election Day

Today is an historic day.

Emotions are running high.

Hopes and fears intermingle in a volatile mixture that’s ready to blow.

We say we want good leadership…

then NOW is the time for US to practice good leadership.

Because if we want to have good leaders then WE have to BE good leaders in our own lives.

This means acting with integrity and compassion instead of name calling, giving away our power to volatile emotions and criticizing our neighbors.

This means moving from hope (or hopelessness) to constructive action in service of building a world that you want to live in.

No matter who wins this election, there is work to be done.

Your leadership is needed.

And it begins in your own heart.

You get to choose how you show up to the news today.

Choose to be a leader.

And be a light for those that can’t yet see.