Make peace with self-doubt

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Self-doubt is a normal part of being human but sometimes it can take over your life, making you feel disempowered and stuck.

I know this was my experience as an entrepreneur and, not just in the beginning of my business.

It got really bad about 10 years into owning my web development company. The business was growing, the projects were bigger and better, the clients were higher profile, the team was bigger and the work was plentiful.

I should have felt great about it but I didn’t.

I was stressed out, overweight and constantly anxious.

I’d wake up and cry most work days. I felt like I was paralyzed and powerless to change and I didn’t want to let anybody down, most especially my clients. In this state, I wasn’t much for socializing or doing fun things, so life was pretty colorless on the inside.

This went on for far too long than I’d like to admit.

It consumed a lot of good years in my 30’s and became the reason I did or didn’t do things (like go on vacations, have a social life or consider having a family).

So what finally flipped the switch for me?

From the big picture view, it’s been 2 things:

  1. Nourishing habits for the body, mind and spirit
  2. Having someone (coach, mastermind partner) tell me that something is possible and it’s ok to go for it, then being there for me as I walk towards my goal

Those two things have taken a heck of a lot of time, devotion, faith and money.

And it’s been SO worth it!

I love my life now… and my new business as a coach. I am lighter, both physically and emotionally, and sleep SO much better. I do fun things now and have expanded my social circle exponentially over the past year. And I’m not only dreaming bigger but I’ve taken concrete steps toward realizing life changing goals.

And I couldn’t have done it without…

{One of my favorite tools}

Mindset work. This is great news because you can do your own mindset work through a process called self-coaching, i.e. being your own coach. If you dedicate yourself to the work, you can see great results!

If you want to do self-coaching around self-doubt, I have a [sg_popup id=”1798″ event=”click”]worksheet[/sg_popup] that walks you through a powerful process to make peace with self-doubt so that you can show up with courage in your work, relationships and life.

I do a version of this work every morning to help me keep my head on straight and my heart leading the way.

You can download the [sg_popup id=”1798″ event=”click”]”Make peace with self-doubt” worksheet here.[/sg_popup]

Best wishes on your journey to finding yourself again. You are not alone.