Moving forward: what do you do?

Today’s post is about loss and figuring out what to do next. If that sounds like a topic you’d rather not explore right now, feel free to skip my emails this week. 

But if this resonates with you, join me and read on… 

Loss means something that had presence in your life is no longer there. Like a house that has had the roof come off, a wall come down, or maybe even lost the foundation, not only can we not help feeling the absence but that absence can change the very structure of our lives.

The initial impact of this can be very, very difficult. And so much love and care is needed at this phase. Often, this takes all your energy and attention, leaving life on hold or in emergency mode.

Yet, there comes a time when the shock lessens and you become ready to consider how to rebuild, which brings up it’s own menu of emotions like overwhelm or vulnerability. 

It’s so important to honor these feelings as part of the process. They don’t need to be ignored or fixed.

Loving yourself and allowing difficult emotions will help you process them. And through processing, you can start to create space for something else.

For the next step.

You don’t even need to know what it is. 

Just being with yourself is enough.

Being with the emotion and the sometimes calm between the storm.

At some point, without pushing (there’s no need to over effort) arises an idea, an inkling… a small desire for something.

Like getting back into a morning yoga practice…

Or taking an online course…

Or going to a show…

This desire will manifest. It will come.


Get curious… 

For any small glimmer of desire…

You don’t need to have the big picture.

You don’t need to know what life will look like in the next year. 

All you need is just the next, small step, even if it’s just a whisper.

By taking a small step like returning to your yoga practice, or taking a course or doing whatever it is you want to do, you’ll be repairing the structure of your Self and your life.

Just like with that house metaphor, you’ll be fortifying the foundation and putting the roof back on. 

One small action at a time.

Put it into practice

What is one simple thing that has brought you joy in the past? What would it be like to  

take one small step towards that joy today?