BONUS: Daily Meditation for Chronic Self Doubt – Descript

Use this meditation to help you manage chronic self-doubt so that you can feel less anxious and more confident each and every day.


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Good morning friends. Happy Thursday to everyone joining me here on Facebook. This will also be a bonus episode on my podcast. So hello to all my podcast listeners as well. I do these meditations live on Facebook every Thursday, and I'm so excited today to bring you one that is for chronic self-doubt. So this is a short daily meditation practice that you can use to help you manage self-doubt so that you feel less anxious and more confident as you go about your day. Now self-doubt. It is something that when we are experiencing in it, experiencing it, it feels really true. It feels like whatever your story is, like, I'm not good enough for this job, or I'm not good enough for this person, or my life is just not the way that I want it to be and I don't know what to do. Self-doubt is present in so many of these challenging situations, and when we're in it, it can feel like we are like in the depths of the ocean and it's all around us. It is the absolute truth of who we are and of our lives, when in reality it is an experience. It is thoughts and feelings that feel true and not to not to minimize them because they are very powerful, but they are not the truth of who you are. Just like the weather. Even if it tends to be rainy, we have moments of sunshine, we have changes in the seasons and, and and that's totally natural and normal. And underneath all of that, like we have the, the mountains that are strong and stable and still there no matter what the weather is. So, what we will do with this meditation is to get a sense for that transitory experience of thoughts and feeling. So let's get started. Taking a nice deep breath in, maybe even lifting your arms up over your head and then letting them come down. Resting your palms on your lap. Eyes can close or lower. Feeling your feet on the ground, like really getting a sense of the firmness beneath them. You can lift them up, press them down into the floor, the same for your seat. Feel the chair or whatever you're sitting on beneath you, maybe wiggle a little bit or get a sense of that contact. And then taking a nice deep breath into the belly. Exhaling out the mouth. Do this two more times. Deep belly breath in. And the exhale, maybe even sighing. Ah, long, slow exhale. One last time. Deep belly breath. Okay. Returning to your natural breathing rhythm, noticing the breath, noticing that you have a body. You've got toes and feet, legs. Most of us have have legs and hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head. You can repeat internally. I, I have a body. And I am more than my body. You can lose a toe, a foot, a leg, and you are still you. And then noticing how you're feeling right now in terms of emotions. So this might be sad, content, stressed, anxious, peaceful, agitated, and repeat to yourself. I am feeling this emotion. And name that emotion, or if nothing comes up, just I am not feeling anything. That works too. I feel feelings. I am more than my feelings. I feel self-doubt at times. I am more than my self-doubt. Self-doubt is not me. I am me noticing your mind thoughts and being aware that thoughts come and go in your mind. That your thoughts are made up of words, repeating. Sometimes I believe my thoughts, yet my thoughts are not me. My thoughts are not the truth of me. Sometimes my thoughts are of self-doubt. My thoughts are not the truth of me. Self-doubt is not the truth of me. I am more than my self-doubt. I am me. My self-doubt is thoughts and feelings. I am more than thoughts and feelings. I am me. I'm gonna take a couple breaths to notice the resonance, the reflection of the meditation in your body, in your mind. And to close, we'll take a final deep belly breath in, exhaling out the mouth. Open your eyes. I'd love to know how this works for you, how it feels for you. The key to managing self-doubt really is to be aware of this separation, that your thoughts and feelings are not the truth of who you are, and that when you have chronic doubt, you have to have a very consistent practice to, to become aware of the separation. And you can use this meditation to help support that. So if you're curious about how else you can support yourself with self-doubt, This week's podcast, episode number seven is all about that. So check out the Empowered Introvert podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Or you can go to my website, the link is in the bio wherever you are watching this or in the comments if it's on YouTube. So thank you so much for joining, friends, take care, and I will see you next week.