Bonus: Pausing & Pivoting: An update on life & business

Hello, my beautiful introvert friend! It’s been a while, and I’m thrilled to be back sharing updates on life and my path of gentle business. If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or disenchanted, especially in the online space, grab a cup of tea and hang out with me.

In this episode I share the messy and beautiful journey of doing business differently. Driving this is the desire to stay true to my voice, purpose and nature as an introvert. I’ll give you a glimpse into my unconventional path, including taking a break in Brazil, pausing my marketing, getting a Director of Operations certification, and working at a bakery – all as part of a strategy to do business my way.

In this experimental phase, I’m following what feels aligned and regenerative. This means questioning the status quo and finding my own path based on values & inner knowing. 

I see all of this as an example of redefining how we work and it’s just the beginning! 


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My Regenerative Business Planning: Create an annual business plan so that you know exactly what to do to reach your goals in a way that fits your values, energy & gentle way of being.

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“Creating a regenerative business is like making art – being messy is just part of the process.”


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Hello, my beautiful introvert friends. It has been a while. And I am excited to just be back to share. Update on. What's been going on with me in my life and my business, and really within this larger theme of pausing and even doing some pivoting in my business. I like to always kind of orient folks as to will this be useful for you to listen to? So I, you know, I think this'll be really useful if you are feeling like tired in your work, you're feeling overwhelmed, you're feeling maybe disenamored, especially if you do work in the online space. With kind of where we have ended up in terms of the way that we work, the way that we market and just a lot of the noise that that's happening right now. And do not feeling at home. In that. Just like me. So I'm going to be sharing what's going on, what I'm working on, where I've, what I've been up to as an example of someone who is really trying to do business differently. Who's really trying to stay in alignment with myself with. With, with my own voice and my own own purpose. And, and nature. So as an introvert, as someone who doesn't have a large energy flow, it kind of comes and goes. And you know, so much of what we see in work is that we need to be consistent and we need to be constantly like doing things in order to be valuable, valued, and successful. And. I just can't get on board with that. I'm not on board with it and I am here. So. You might notice my background's a little different I'm. In the basement now. As we have a roommate, a friend that has moved back in it's taken my beautiful, I have lovingly and excitedly welcome him into that space. And so I've gone creating a space down here and it's actually pretty darn cozy, even though it is in the basement in winter. We have a heater right beside me that keeps things kind of cozy. But I do need to bundle up a little bit more than I used to. So. You might see some more blankets happening. So it's been about two months, almost two and a half months since my last podcast episode. And I still consider this within, within season two or kind of an interim between season two and season three. As I took a month off to be in Brazil where I go every, every fall. And really in order for me to be more present. In what I was doing, I was still working part time, but I really started to turn my marketing down quite quite low. And I've continued that since I returned. And oh my gosh, it has been really it's felt really good in my body in not. Having this like pressure on myself, which. Is tying into these bigger questions of how to show up, how to work in a way that balances. Yes, we need some pressure. We need. You know, motivation and drive moving forward, but it can't be pressure cannot be what is driving all of the marketing, right. That's unsustainable. And especially if you're a quiet. Person. And who doesn't want to show up all of the time. Who needs, like, I need to just step away for a little while and that that is what's going to be sustainable. So. That is, That's been giving me space. To do a lot of. Introspection and journaling and listening as I'm also feeling some of that space with education. I've been doing a director of operations certification and I'm, I'm working with clients actually in that field. And it, that has been so interesting because it is a, I love working inside of businesses. I love strategy. I love like putting the processes and systems into place for six cess. According to your definition. And this is really where, actually I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole I will have for future episodes on on operations for introverts and more like. Gentle business folks. But what I want to share there really is. That in this pausing in this, it's been an experimental phase of like, how else do I want to show up in the world? How else can I generate income in alignment with what I love? Especially when. When. S it was feeling like not in alignment, some of, of the coaching, marketing and sales, and like, how can I create space so that that can develop that can. That can mature. I can find myself in. Like within that, but not also be freaking out financially cause. The nervous system is the theme of my year. It's getting regulated. It's getting stable, getting to a place where I feel. So much less anxiety, so much more. The capacity and faith in myself. And I don't think I like in order to make that happen. It's it's been. A very unconventional, like set of solutions where. If you remember, I started working at a bakery in may. And that has been incredibly therapeutic for me. It brings in some extra money. And some of that goes to retirement, which is so cool as an entrepreneur, like having that, like someone else matching some money into retirement is. Great. And. It's been really fun to open up. Two. Unconventional solutions and to allow myself to explore and to see. And to be led. By. By hire questions. It's not just going after the money is going after for something that like. And fill me up. I can balance my life. In a way that just focusing on one. Thing like one business, one income stream in one way, it was it wasn't doing for me. Earlier this year, I wasn't, I was feeling burnt out in that and which is. Really like. My whole approach is to find a way of living, find a way of doing business, where we're, we're not getting burned out where we're actually regenerating we're we're actually filling our. Ourselves up, resourcing ourselves through the work. And also having that expand out into. The larger community. So, you know, the way you do that is not a clear path. And that's like, I feel very much that I am inside of that, like discovering and learning and and it's been like doing a lot of growing. And I want to be sure to mention that human design has been a big part of this as well. Learning about my strategy and authority and being a projector. What that means for my energy and, and basically it's, It, you know, essentially reaffirming that I don't have unlimited energy. Capacity and like, actually I really need to, to show up in a way where I'm managing my energy really, really well, which has led to a lot of rest. A lot of spaciousness, like maintaining spaciousness in my days. And it's re it's working. It's feeling really good. But also looking at how I make decisions. Now in my life, coaching. Like really intense life coaching phase of like the life coach school. They're all about making decisions from your mind and being quite assertive and quick with it. And human designed. Doesn't see. Decision-making that way it sees that that it's a personal there are like different. Approaches to making decisions based on your human design. And all of them are more intuitive and body-based that the mind provides information, but ultimately it shouldn't be in charge. And so I've been exploring what that means and how that feels. And it feels really good, but it also means that I get to lean into doing things more slowly, more organically making like I. I am in the middle of a pivot. But allowing myself to not be a hard, like hardcore in the division of like, I'm like, I'm not doing X and now I'm just doing Y but allowing that to kind of be blended and. For the answer to emerge as I move forward and move into it. So essentially. Like right now, I am. I've opened up to a lot of possibilities in terms of, of coaching, what I focus on. And then the internal business work. Yeah, working on operations. And I'm like allowing myself to explore an offer and like be a value. In whatever feels. Fully resourced and is also recognized and desired by you out there in the world. So it's kinda messy. Being in business is messy. And hard. And I think being in business as a sensitive person someone who wants to be more intuitive, more gentle, more. Thinking about the big picture impact and. Doing it differently. Like, it's going to be a mess. It's and that's, it's like, it's like making art, right. Like he just kind of get everything out there. And then over time, you start to see. What you're creating. Sure. You can have a reference and like someone else's. A strategy for what to do, but. That doesn't work for me. I have tried that I've done it in all like realms of business and it simply does not work because it doesn't feel good. And if it doesn't feel good, I'm, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna stick with it enough to be successful. And even if I am successful and want to feel bad, being successful, like. No. It doesn't compute. So. For me. Really coming back to values. Coming back to self-regulation to regulating the nervous system, to listening to how I'm responding and not being captive to like everything has to feel good. But also like staying in the sweet spot of if not, not pushing myself constantly out of my comfort zone, taking big risks. Like, I feel like I, I did that for a few years and also because it wasn't totally values aligned. Like it's not like I learned so much, but that's not where I am going to be growing into. Right. And. Also, Just being open to. To being flexible too. Like responding to what's happening in, in the moment online business is different today than it was three years ago when it was five years ago, when I started. And so like, it's really a time for, for me, for us to find a way of being in business, a wave working in general, no matter what you're doing. What industry you are in like to really question and like question, what is guiding you forward? What is guiding you? What is guiding me, is this more feminine, intuitive, gentle approach. And It is super fun. And creative and and I do have to say, like, I feel like I have grown so much in terms of. Of discovering how I want to work, how I want my day to be my energy flow, my habits, my personal habits. Are just, they're better than they've ever been in terms of exercise and meditation and daily rhythms of Dina. Charia. It doesn't look like, like a Yogi, like like the wakes up at four in the morning, but it looks like a way that really w. Resources me. And I'm excited. That that is the foundation of my business, of my work. And it's something that. I see as the foundation for how all of us work. Here's how we work. Is as important as the results that we are creating. No, as, as introverts, as Unconventionals, like we know. That it doesn't feel good to try and like fit into someone else's mold. And, And so this means that we get to create something new. We get to create our way we get to create. A Hey, a different philosophy. Of doing work and that's really like what is coming out clear from me? Is this idea of gentle business of regenerative business. Questioning the, a lot of the status quo, even if the status quo is still fairly new, like in a lot of online business strategy. And for us to let our values lead, to let our energy and our intuition lead. But take that, interpret that into a concrete way of working a way of doing business into operations, into how we, you know, how we onboard and work with clients, how we. Take care of our businesses in the backend. Of really being thoughtful about these things, because what happens is that we like, I mean, this was for me, I don't know, like. I just, maybe it was school school indoctrinates you into like my idea of what it means to be, to work well, it'd be a good worker. It's like you show up is that nine to five. You gotta grind. You gotta. Do all this stuff and questioning that right. And finding alternatives. And removing some of this urgency. And just bringing some, some love and listening into, into work, into how we work. So. So my work is really going to be moving in that direction. And right now I am working with one-on-one coaching clients and I am also doing strategic business planning for businesses that have been around for at least a year, and they need a plan. So we look at all of the operational aspects, the like financial steadiness. Marketing and we identify what you need to do in order to create the business that you want next year. The steps, the action steps to achieve your goals. So this is, it's like all, all of that is built on this idea of regenerative business of supporting you to work the way that you want. It's like, okay, how do we do this? Asking the questions, identifying the solutions, and then planning them out. And actually carrying them out next year. So I'm super excited. To be working with folks on that. And I will be sharing a bit more on the, that topic here in the podcast, as we move into the new year. And eventually I will relaunch it, but you know, this is great right now. One step at a time. All right, my friend, thank you for staying till the end. Hanging out with me here. I am so grateful to have you yeah, like by my side to have you in, in my world, that's, I'm here for you. So I'd love to hear from you, whether you want to leave a. A rating for the podcast or send me a message. I am here. All right. Take care of friend and I will be back sometime soon. I am not necessarily really leasing every week since we are in the holiday season. But I will be back soon. So see you then take care.