BONUS: Thursday Live Meditation for Shame & Hurt Feelings

Feeling shame is part of being human. Use this meditation to support yourself through this challenging feeling. We settle into the breath, connect with the emotions in the body and hold space for them with love and kindness. 


All right, here we are. I never know when the live feed is actually starting because it looks like it's loading forever, but then I see hey. I'm here. I'm live. So hi officially happy Thursday. Welcome to what here in Anchorage is a beautiful spring day, although you wouldn't necessarily know it by looking outside because there's no green and it's still very snowy, but the light is amazing and it feels so good. For our meditation today, I want to focus on supporting shame. I had an experience this week where shame came up for me and it was an opportunity to really practice my. Own tools on myself, and I wanna share them. Share this one with you because Shane comes up. It's part of being human and it can feel like a really big feeling. And the more tools, the, the more that we can support ourselves with love and care through it. The better the experience is. Not that it's a good experience, but the more that we're there for ourselves, just the more grounded we feel, the more supported we feel. And that starts with us. And if you haven't experienced shame this week, that's awesome. Maybe it's hurt feelings, maybe it's disappointment anything like that where it's kind of a negative feeling that you're not super happy to be experiencing, but it's with you nevertheless, you can call that up as we, as we go, and we're not gonna get too, too deep into it. So if that feels a little bit scary to you, just breathe into your belly. Okay, so taking a moment to settle into silence, stillness. It might be a bit of a transition where you're finding the right position in your seat, making sure that you have support behind you. And then if the eyes would like to close or just lower, allow them to do so beginning to notice your breath breathing into the belly, out the mouth. This breath doesn't need to be energized, just observing where the breath moves the body and maybe naturally. It gets a little deeper. Maybe it's like, oh, I think I'm gonna yaw. It's like when you start to yawn and you take a big breath in. Oh. And I love to put a hand on my belly and on my heart, the palms against the body anywhere. It creates a supportive, nurturing feeling for most of us. And then, Bringing your awareness to the emotional sensations in your body and with all of the love you might internally ask, how am I feeling? And allow an openness for that tender feeling to be seen or the shame for the heart. And so your internal reply might be, I'm, I'm feeling shame. And holding this response in your awareness as you continue to breathe, holding it with love and kindness. Perhaps repeating. I feel shame. I see that. I'm feeling shame. I am here for myself and allowing yourself to feel whatever comes up. Without trying to move away from it being present like a parent would be with a child who's feeling this emotion with the. With an embrace, an internal embrace, love and care. With this tenderness, continuing to breathe maybe into the belly, you are safe to feel you are safe to feel the hurt. There's nothing wrong. With you. This is just part of being human and you, you can manage, you are supported. Taking any of my words and bringing them into your own internal dialogue as you breathe and feel. We'll stay here for another minute. Holding, loving space. Loving space. This is an opportunity to connect to self-love. To self soothing in a positive, empowering way to help grow your resilience to life's challenges, help you become stronger. And as we move towards closing, imagining what the parent in you would say to that tenderhearted child. I love you. I got you. I'm here anytime you need. You're brave. You are amazing, really connecting to the love within you. So we begin to let go of this internal dialogue and notice once again, the breath as the belly moves, feeling your feet on the floor, the seat beneath you, having a sense for the space around you. Whether you be in a room or your car or outside opening your eyes and seeing one object that's in front of you, one that's to the side, noticing the color, and then to close, we'll take a deep belly breath in. Exhaling out the mouth, maybe bringing a stretch in. Okay, here we go. Notice how you feel. I hope that was supportive and that you have a beautiful rest of your day, your human day. Thank you so much for joining. I do these meditations every Thursday at 9:00 AM Alaska time, 10:00 AM Pacific, and I am sometimes posting them in my podcast That's the Empowered Introvert podcast. Regular episodes come out every Tuesday and bonus meditations will sometimes come out on Thursdays. I would love for you to join me there So grateful for you. Have a beautiful day.