Season 1 Wrap Up: Not idealizing consistency & honoring cycles of energy

Hi friend, this short episode wraps up Season 1. I’m taking time off to enjoy travels and be present with all the summer activities, as well as reflecting on the direction I want to take this podcast. 

Today, I talk about the pressure of being being consistent and deciding to stay present with cycles of the seasons. I also share what I’ve learned about showing up to record episodes every week and what the process has looked like to find my authentic way of doing things.

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Hello, my beautiful introvert friend and anyone else joining the empowered. Introvert podcast. I'm your host, Heidi. And this is our season one wrap up. I have decided to do a season, a wrap up to kind of put an end to the season because I've got a lot of stuff happening in July. I'm going to be traveling and I had thought originally about prerecording sessions, but as I'll talk more about later, that just didn't seem like the right decision, not just for, for me and my energy, but also for the example that I am endeavoring to set. So this episode, I'm going to talk about some reflections on the season on what I've learned from a personal perspective and what's next for the podcast. So why do you seasons for a podcast? Originally I had planned to do seasons without thinking too much about when they would be how long a season would be and just trusting that I would figure it out along the way. And along the way, I pretty much forgot about it. You know, you get into this idea that consistency is key. You hear this message all of the time in the marketing space that you got to show up, you got to always be there when people are expecting. And what I found is not just for myself, but for my clients too, like this idea of consistency. It is like while consistency is important for professionalism and getting some things done, oftentimes like everyone is different. Some people it's very easy to be consistent for some people that's not the best way that they work. And so when you try to push yourself into being quote unquote consistent, it creates not only a lot of pressure, but a lot of shame. I have seen this so often in my clients where they want to do something regularly in their business or in their life, in their habits. And because they don't do it regularly, like every day, they then feel really bad about it and they go into a shame spiral. And from that place, it becomes even more difficult to do the thing that they wanted to do. And it's just not effective. Right. And so I am in a point in my life and my business where I'm really searching, exploring, finding the best ways to work that helped me not just manage my energy, but to show up in a more powerful way. And having seasons is a way to help do that. And there's also this natural energy of, of summertime that's happening, where we refocus and we're, we're using our energy for other purposes and I'm going on a couple trips. It's going to be like, I could continue to do the podcast and I'm sure I could find fun ways to do it, but I also want to be really, really present in, in. In the adventures that I'm having, because I think that is like, not only does that yes. Feel better personally, but again, that is a better example. Like that is how. I want to, how I do encourage my clients and friends and everyone to live their lives. So I need to do that too. So this podcast, though, it has been so fun and it, I we've got 15 episodes that are packed with so much great coaching insight for introverts and really anyone else who lives a bit more of an unconventional life. And, you know, for me, I started when I first started, I was doing the podcast I had, I was following some guidelines. I had very kind of rigid ideas of what the flow should look like and preparing my notes, preparing the topics, how far in advance I should do that. And as I got more comfortable with the process with the, all the software involved, I really just wanted to have fun with it and allow what I felt was important in the most. The moment to come forth versus planning out. You know, all of the episodes. And so that, especially in the last five episodes has really been how I've been approaching it. And so not only does it feel. Easier to do, but it takes less time and it just feels more natural. Like I'm just trying to be myself as authentically as I can be versus being a professional podcaster who puts her makeup on and like follow checks, all of the. The things off of the list. And yes, and I think that's going to be the way that I will do it moving forward. And maybe trying to get away from the. The office to an out, into the world a bit more to really share thoughts that are coming. From from a, like, from nature, from an inspired place, even though I think about the, the topics. Pretty quite a lot before. Before I do record. In terms of what is next for the podcast? I am not sure. I am in, I am really open to experimentation and maybe opening up the conversation. A bit right now in my own world, I'm really getting into human design. I'm a projector and exploring what that means. And there's some really amazing. Amazing ideas that I would I can see myself exploring more. And also like not just being introverted, but being a person who is living an unconventional life in terms of like your energy, the way that you communicate. And how that affects different areas that you show up, like, like having your own business. Your relationships A job. So there's so much to explore there and I'm really, I'm going to be doing a lot of journaling and reflecting and so, both see what comes of it. I'm super. Yeah, I'm super curious and excited. In terms of when we'll restart, I'm imagining sometime in August, maybe mid August. So. We will, we will see as that time. I'll be traveling I think until maybe the first week of August. So yeah. Yeah. And I really want to thank you for being here for listening. If you are actually listening to my words right now, that is so amazing. Like the miracle of technology and podcasting. It's so cool. And really like this podcast is for you. Knowing that you are listening is so huge for me. It's what keeps me motivated. And I'm also curious about your thoughts about your questions. And would love to hear from you, especially. Especially before I'm, as I'm like planning this next quote, unquote planning, but thinking about what this next season we'll, we'll cover, I'd love to know what interests you so you can reach out to me on any of the social media is if you're on my email list. You can respond there if you're not on my email list, I'd love to have you there. I'll put links for my website, for my contact form. Just like you can go from this podcast right over there and send me a question or whatever you've been thinking about. I would love to hear from you. All right friends, have a beautiful July. Enjoy your summer. I encourage you to, you know, Let's think about ways that you too can also shift your shift. Shift your schedule, a sift this idea of perfect consistency and really allow yourself to too. Fully explore and experience what this time in your life. Is is bringing up for you whether that is the S you know rare sunny days in alaska or something else so take care and i will see you in season two Bye for now