Season 2 Trailer – Career & business for Introverts & Unconventional Folx

Welcome to the second season of the podcast! It’s wonderful to be back after a lovely summer. In this short episode, I give you a sneak peek into what we’ll be diving into over the next episodes and share some personal updates from my summer break.

This season we’re focusing on being deeply successful in work as an introvert and unconventional human. Whether you’re navigating the structures of a traditional job or blazing your trail as an entrepreneur, we’ll explore how to align your energy, strengths, and values with your work. We’ll tackle the challenges introverts often face, from the social aspects of marketing to creating a harmonious work-life balance.

As an introvert, I understand the importance of finding work that feels authentic and fulfilling. This podcast isn’t just about tips and strategies; it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. Join me as we delve into practical insights and philosophical discussions, all aimed at helping sensitive folx like you thrive in their careers and businesses. I can’t wait to explore this empowering path with you. 

Stay tuned and take care, my beautiful introvert friend!



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Hello, my beautiful introvert friends. Welcome back to the empowered introvert podcast season two. This is just a short trailer to give you an idea of what we're focusing on this season and an update to what I've been up to on my time off from the podcast this summer. So this season two, we are going to be focusing on specifically work. That might be career or entrepreneurship for you. And specifically work has an introvert as someone who might have variable energy or otherwise feel a hard time fitting into the structures of work that we traditionally see around us. And whether you are working in someone else's structure in the job, or you are creating your own as your, as a solopreneur or otherwise self-employed. there is a lot of cultural programming that goes into, into how we work, how we show up for work and a lot of things that can kind of get in the way of us feeling successful. And finding a way of working that really plays to our, our strengths. And it doesn't lead to burnout. Right. There's so much to explore here. I'm so excited. The inspiration comes not just from seeing my clients experience but also my own journey. As I have had time off I've really stepped away from some of my marketing and I'm giving myself space in my business. For, you know, first of all, to enjoy the summer, I did a lot of traveling. And got away from my computer. Got to be out in nature, connecting with friends. Also got sick. And and so I've had S space to kind of feel into my own energy and my own thoughts and create separation from a lot of the amazing things that I've learned. as a coach, there's so much. Much great information and coaching about how to coach, how to have a coaching business. And it's all, you know, it's wonderful. But when it comes to finding yourself, when it comes to me, finding myself, it's been a process of trying things on this is just how I do things is I go all in. I really try things on and then I experience the good and the bad. And from there kind sort of integrate into the way that I want for myself. So I am still admittedly deep into that process. I don't have all of the answers. But I do feel like I have, I have shed some of what I have. Really been the way that I have been working for the past, maybe two years or so. A big part of that is in energy and how I show up in the world. Not just how I want to show up now and how I want my business to be now, but the business that I'm creating for my, my future self. And the amount of energy it takes What feels easy and in alignment with what I'm good at versus needing to push myself, you know, as an, as an introvert, doing the, the marketing and sales and. That very like social aspect can feel quite challenging to maintain consistently. And especially with social media, there is, there's a lot to unpack there. Eye level. I do love a lot about social media, but there are aspects to. I being authentic and creating more noise that I don't particularly want to be a part of. One of my values is integrity. So ensuring that I am showing up with integrity is part of where I'm focusing right now. Anyways, all of that to say that business is changing and we have more tools than ever for you too create work and business that you love. Post pandemic we have open so many conversations that personalized work that is really. The fundamental of what I believe is that business and work are a an expansion of you personally, and that in order for you to feel successful in order for especially sensitive people to feel successful, That your work has to really be in harmony with who you are at the deepest level. This is what I'm exploring here on the podcast in both maybe more esoteric, but particularly very practical ways that you can implement in your career in your business. So that's what you can expect. And I would love to hear from you on this topic. Let me know your questions, let me know your challenges so that I can go into them in these episodes here and explore an offer ways to help you on your amazing journey of work. Now, I often tell my clients that finding meaningful, authentic work it's one of the greatest self-discovery journeys that you go on in your life. So I'm really excited to support you on your journey to fulfilling work in the second season of empowered introvert. So looking forward to the weeks to come take care of friends. See you soon.

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