Daily Mind Alignment

(aka Daily Thought Management)

Use this process as a daily practice to help you:

  • feel less stuck in negative emotion and behavior patterns
  • have a clearer understanding of how and why you've been spending your time doing or not doing things
  • be clearer on the actions that will help you create the results you want
  • be more in tune with what's yours and what's other people's (problems, emotions, expectations, etc)
  • align your day with the bigger vision of your life

What Daily Mind Alignment is:

It's a process of self-reflection that uses a simple framework adapted from my training at the Life Coach School. It's a way for you to coach yourself quickly and powerfully.

How to use it

Watch the tutorial videos

  1. The model
  2. Daily Thought Mangement (mind alignment)

Do the process

Ideal scenario

  • Give yourself at least 10 minutes at the same time every day
  • Write everything out on paper
  • At the end, take 3 deep breaths


Good enough scenario

  • Do the process on paper once per week
  • Keep the process in mind throughout the week and mentally go through it as you experience problems or negative emotions

It can take a bit of practice to find a good flow with this process. Be kind with yourself and please ask for help, if needed!

You can contact me or schedule a call with me.