Say Something Brave: A 30 Day Challenge in April

We kick off April with the 30 day Say Something Brave challenge. Every day, you get to practice something brave and post about it on your favorite social media platform (scary, I know)!

This challenge all about building confidence and personal power through tiny acts of self-expression.

By practicing using your voice just a little bit braver, it can help you:

  • Learn to act on opportunities to be brave
  • Learn how to disconnect the flow of your self expression from other peoples reactions
  • Speak your mind and share your ideas 1% more, again and again
  • Expand your life in a way that feels both invigorating and safe
  • Connect more deeply with those you love

How it works

A Saying Something Brave action can be anything that puts you outside your comfort zone, comes from good intentions and expects nothing in return. The only goal is for you to speak up just one percent more – allowing what happens after that to simply be as it is.

This is also a practice in being imperfect, maybe even awkward, but being proud of yourself anyways.

You can use any form of self-expression. It might be words, music, dance, art, physical interaction. Anything goes as long as it feels like a little stretch for you.

To participate:

  1. Like my Facebook page or Instagram so you can get prompts, be a part of the conversation as we unpack what bravery means in everyday life and follow my OWN updates as I do this challenge with you.
  2. Then post on your social media using the hashtag #saysomethingbrave. You can either share what you did or simply say that you did something brave that day. The practice of sharing your experience on social media itself can be considered an act of bravery!