Take time to breathe

In the midst of uncertainty, one of the most powerful things you can do is breathe.

Here’s how…

Pause your doing. Get still.

Focus your mind on the movement of your body as you inhale.

Notice the air as it passes from the nose to the lungs and fills the belly.

Feel the body, full of breath. 

Pause for a moment.

Then exhale.

Observe the breath flow out, the belly relax, the lungs empty.

And pause.

Again, inhale.




Repeat, repeat, repeat.


As you focus on your mind on your breath, you create space for your thoughts to settle. Even if for a moment.

It’s in this space that your emotions become clearer and more available to be processed…. Instead of simply reacted to.

It’s in this space that you can be present to what it means to exist in this moment, in pain or joy.

This is life.

Breathe it in.