The 3 phases to living your life purpose (quick read)

What are you here to do in this one beautiful life?

Share your creative gifts with the world and feel fully self-expressed?

Be a different kind of leader that champions a different way of working than the industrial-era 9-5-40hr-50-weeks-a-year paradigm?

Create a business that turns plastic waste into something useful?

Or just be a human being that feels deeply balanced and true to yourself?


If you want to love your life and live your bigger mission, I’ve found that there are three phases to get there.

When you know which phase you are in, then you know what to focus your energy on so that you can feel clear & peaceful and, from there, continue to build momentum towards embodying your mission.


The three phases as I’ve observed in my coaching practice are:

1. Stuck

You feel burned out, stuck or struggling. You might be putting lots of effort out but not seeing much return. You’ve tried a lot of things and feel frustrated, even resentful. You dream of relief or rescue so that you can put your burdens down and feel at peace. As an introvert, you want to just snuggle up on the couch and check out of work and life.

This is where most of us are. At this phase you either have a very clear mission that seems impossible or you can’t even imagine what your life purpose might be and feel despair when thinking about the topic.

The good news is that the frustration that you feel can become the fuel to create change, once you make some changes to get your energy and motivation back online.


2. Awakening

You’ve taken steps to feel less stress. You’ve changed some habits, taken classes and done some deep inner healing. you speak up more at work, you take breaks, you have strong boundaries and can say no without guilt. You speak kindly to yourself and believe that you’re capable of more. You’ve developed skills to empower yourself buuut you still get hijacked by limiting beliefs and complicated relationships.

You’re ready to make big changes (like starting a business or changing your job) but you lack confidence when making these big decisions. Self-doubt comes in, overwhelm and worry about how you’ll make it all work. Your mission might still be unclear and you long for clarity and certainty.

This phase can feel like a pendulum. Some days you feel powerful, while others feel like nothing has changed. Having an attitude of experimentation and self-love can help you take action, learn a long the way, and gently build your self-confidence and belief in the viability of your vision.

3. Ready to go big

You’re clear on what you want and take action consistently towards your mission. You’ve made big moves like leaving your day job to go full-time in your own business and feel great about your decisions (even though they were hard). You have momentum and now you’re ready to grow to the next level but you’re not quite sure how to do it in a way that fits you.

In this phase, you need to focus on strategy, planning and growing your capacity as an introverted human being and leader (in whatever way makes sense for you) by seeking inspiration from others who have been successful but, ultimately, must find what works for you. Having support or community with others who are doing similar things will help you to manage the ups and downs.


Put it into practice

Use the questions below to activate what you’ve just learned in your own life:

  1. What phase are you in? (you can be in more than one)
  2. What is one change that you could make that, if you made that change, it would create a major shift for you in living your life purpose?


If you want to chat in more detail about your life mission and how to live it more fully, you can sign up for a Tea Date here.