The holidays can be a mixed bag

How do you feel about that?


While the holidays can be time of fun and connection, I recognize that your experience might be different.


So, if you feel like the holidays can be a mixed bag (of emotions, of family dynamics, of darkness & cold), I want to lovingly invite you to hold space for yourself over the coming weeks.


By holding space, I mean:

  • Not judging yourself for wanting to be alone or needing extra time to do things
  • Scheduling extra time in to rest, especially after emotionally draining activities. This might look like sleeping in, taking a longer lunch break or dedicating one additional night a week to yourself to do whatever you feel like
  • Giving yourself space to feel negative feelings without pushing them away or escaping them
  • Being loving with yourself, as you would be with a young child, no matter what you say or do


There is a natural energy to winter that encourages slowing down and replenishing that can support you as you navigate holiday craziness. By finding small ways to embrace this flow, it can be just a little bit easier to take care of yourself.


Reflection questions

Grab a piece of scrap paper, take a deep breath and give yourself a minute to contemplate these questions:

  • In what ways do I find the holidays challenging?
  • What is one thing I can do to lovingly support myself during this time?


Wishing you a grounded holiday weekend.