The Observer Within: Using Pause and Reflection to Reshape Your Life

Life can sometimes feel like a whirlwind, leaving you struggling to keep up and chronically stressed out & overwhelmed.

When you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, one of the most valuable actions you can take is to:




When you pause, you create space to:

  • See your life as it truly is 
  • Feel the feelings you’ve been too busy to feel ❤️‍🩹
  • Ask yourself the questions that will lead to new answers that will lead to life feeling and being different 


If you stay on the hamster wheel without pausing, you simply repeat what you’ve been doing.

You create the same problems & the same feelings. 

When you decide to pause to reflect on your life, that’s when you access the ingredients for change.

That’s when you can become the Observer of your thoughts, feelings, and life situations. 


When you reflect on yourself without judgment (and maybe even with compassion), it’s easier to see WHAT to change and HOW to do it. 💭💖 

Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t be here” or “I don’t have enough confidence”, when you lean into compassion and curiosity, your thoughts change to:

“I see that I’m not where I thought I’d be, and that’s okay. What can I do differently moving forward?” 


This is how you get off the hamster wheel and create more time, more money, more connection. 🕰️💰🤝

When you combine pausing with loving self-reflection you create insight.

When you take loving action from insight, you create change.

This is the fundamental idea behind therapy and life coaching. It’s dedicated space for you to pause, reflect, access insight, learn new tools & practice using them to change your life for the better. 💡🌱🌈


Coaching sessions with me are a space where transformation happens. 🛋️✨ 

Some of the areas I help my life coaching clients with are:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Burnout 
  • Confidence 
  • Thriving in work & entrepreneurship
  • Life transitions 


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Image by Christian from Pixabay