What is holistic life coaching?

At some point we all find ourselves feeling lost, stuck or deeply unsatisfied with our lives.

Most often, we’ve arrived at this unhappy point via a combination of many small daily decisions that have added up over time to veer us off course – like staying up late working night after night, snacking throughout the day or constantly telling ourselves that we’re too fat/thin/old/young/dumb/uneducated/etc.

Or sometimes something big happens in your life – you move to a new city, change careers, break up with your partner or lose a loved one – and, afterwards, you just feel stuck.

And now you’re ready to feel better.

A powerful way to get started feeling better – and to keep moving forwards into massive growth and personal transformation – is to get some help.

This is where working with a coach provides incredible benefit. A holistic life coach provides you with support, insight and accountability along your journey.

What does this journey look like?

Well, first you need to get clear on:

  • how you want to feel
  • who you want to become
  • how you want to be in the world
  • what’s holding you back

Yes, you have the power to become these things! 

Then, you need to do the work.

This work consists of making many small changes, which ignite the process of transformation towards your ideal life as a healthy, vibrant human being, with amazing relationships and a successful career and life.

What are these small changes I speak of?

Well, that depends on what you need.

Holistic life coaching is tailored to your unique challenges and talents.

We look at 4 aspects of the self: body, mind, emotions and spirit. This may include:

The Body

Food: food is medicine, whether you use it that way or not. Learn what foods contribute to your unique well being, which ones work against you and how to shift your diet with the seasons so that you feel more grounded and in tune with the rhythms of nature.

Eating: how, when & how much you eat can have a big impact on your ability to digest food properly and extract the maximum benefit from your meals. Good digestion has a huge effect on stress and energy levels, as well as the tendency towards disease.

Energy: are you running on empty? You can’t feel amazing if you don’t manage your energy and there are some surprising (and simple) ways to do this. Vitality often results as a side effect of good daily habits – making habit change a key factor in increasing energy levels.

Aligned actions: instead of feeling stuck in bad habits, and living in the life that those habits have generated, cultivate actions that will contribute to the life and person you want to be. First, get clear on what it means to be your best & highest self then get clear on the habits that will lead you to blossom into your ideal self.


The Mind

Focus & clarity: it’s hard to make decisions and accomplish your goals if you’re fuzzy headed and lethargic.

Thought management: your thoughts create emotions that color the entire experience of your life. By becoming aware of the stories that circle through your mind minute by minute throughout the day, you gain the power to change them.

Beliefs: your core beliefs drive your thoughts. Often, these beliefs have been unconsciously programmed into your brain. When you look at them clearly, you can get rid of beliefs that no longer serve you and replace them with beliefs that fully support the highest version of your self.


The Emotions

Following the clues: emotions arise from thoughts, beliefs and imbalances. By getting clear on what emotions show up in your life (like anger, judgement, overwhelm, fear, anxiety, etc) you can better see how they contribute to keeping you stuck.

Emotional balance: turn down the intensity of problematic emotions so that you can feel more calm and in control.

Feeling the feelings: some emotions, especially those that get hidden away, need to be seen and expressed in healthy ways. This allows them to be processed and not gunk up your emotional insides, which often leads to self-sabotoge and stagnation.


The Spirit

Identify your spirit: be it an organized religion, spirituality, love of nature, creativity, deep knowledge or something else, identify and honor that which gives your existence a deep sense of meaning.

Connect: build a regular relationship with your version of spirit to bring greater strength and support into your life.

The Power of Help

Holistic life coaching looks at what’s out-of-balance in your life and the actions that have the greatest capacity to bring deep change so that you can you can be vibrantly healthy and joyful.

If you feel like you’re ready for a big shift in your life then you ARE ready to take action.

It can be hard to get started, though. And hard to keep motivated, which is where the coaching relationship provides incredible benefit. A coach provides support, insight and accountability to keep you moving forward.

If you have questions about how holistic life coaching can help you, you can schedule a quick phone call with me. We’ll chat about what your dreams are, what’s holding you back and what to do to feel better.  I love to help!

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