When you know you’re capable of more but your life doesn’t seem to fit

So, your life doesn’t seem to fit anymore yet you know you’re capable of more …

It can be really frustrating when you know you have more to offer but the container of your life just doesn’t seem to have space for it.  

When you’re feeling limited by your job or your relationship, you can often find yourself daydreaming about a new career or relationship (or what it would be like to drop it all and move to a foreign country).

My go-to fantasy used to be being a barista in a cute coffee shop spending my days with my young quirky coworkers, then getting off work and having ZERO work to do.

The idea of being able to leave work at work was SO appealing because it meant I would have so much mental and emotional bandwidth to do creative things, have fun and feel like a whole human being.

However, changing where I worked wasn’t actually the answer…

The answer was changing how I showed up in my life.

When you feel limited, held back yet know you’re capable of more, ask yourself:

  • “how am I showing up for myself”?
  • “am I coming from a place of anger? Blame? Overwhelm?”
  • “am I looking to my past to define what’s possible in my future”?
  • “do I say things like ‘I’m just a quiet/low energy/anxious person” and underneath I really mean that I don’t think I’m capable or deserving of more?”

Once you start looking under the hood, there’s often so much great information to discover about yourself and your automatic reaction to life that actually holds you back.

There are absolutely external factors like privilege, social and economic structure, et,c that influence our external circumstances.

But who we show up as within those external circumstances is within your ability to influence.

When you can learn to access your innate confidence and power, and bring THAT to whatever crappy situation you’re in, then you’re in a much more empowered position to make decisions and create change. 

Ideally, it’s from this place that you want to make decisions like leaving a job you’ve outgrown or a relationship that doesn’t serve you.

Then, the space you create in your life is coming from a place of empowerment AND you’ll bring this with you into the next version of your life.

Wishing you connection to your own sense of possibility!