Why you’re not making progress on your goals

“Well, that didn’t work.”

How many times have you thought those words, when it comes to a goal or a change you want to make?

I am the queen of starting something new with gusto, being super committed, then wandering off until one day I find myself thinking “Well that {fill in the blank with whatever thing I was trying} didn’t work”.

So, why does this happen?

It all comes down to sustained belief.

When you start something new, the desire for change motivates you. You believe that this thing is going to make a difference. You’re all-in so you give lots of attention to buying the right stuff, making the perfect plan and then start off with a bang.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being obsessed and 1 being totally forgotten), your attention on your change is a 9.

Theeeen you get busy. Life happens. Work happens. Family and all the rest call out for your attention.

And so your scale drops down to a 7. Then a 5. And keeps dropping.

You know this has happened because you start skipping your commitments, you make exceptions or you get seduced by another solution to your problem and all of a sudden find yourself making another late night online purchase.

Sound familiar?

Belief in success doesn’t happen by accident, you have to cultivate it. Consistently.

This means it’s not enough to do a new program, you have to believe in it, even when your attention scale is falling.

It means you have to focus as much on what you believe as in taking action. And you have to do this even when you don’t yet have evidence that it’s working.

Because the one thing that will GUARANTEE FAILURE is to believe that whatever you’re doing isn’t working.

And if you give up before you get results then, well, it’s simple math = no results.

But I hear you say, “what if it really doesn’t work?”.

Like, what if you bought a placebo instead of something genuine, right?

Setting aside the fact that placebos often give good results, let’s explore a few questions…

Think about the last time you tried something new and then determined that it didn’t work:

  1. Were you 100% committed all-in?
  2. Did you do ALL the work? Consistently? Like, even on vacation? Or did you half-ass it more than you’d care to admit?
  3. Did you practice believing, every day, in your success?

True commitment means doing whatever it takes, as long as it takes UNTIL you succeed.

There is no option for it to “not work”. There is no option for you to not succeed.

Sure, maybe this really DOES mean that you have to switch things up at some point, but only because you’ve given your diet/program/healing modality your all and you’re ready for the next level.

Because, if you believe you will succeed, then you will.

Here are some of the beliefs that keep me on track, so that I can succeed in feeling healthy, focused and helpful:

  • Meditation works
  • Yoga works
  • Coaching works
  • Going to bed early makes the next day better
  • I have what it takes to be successful
  • I know what to do

Sure, I forget to believe these sometimes, but I’ve come back to these beliefs SO often that they’ve changed my life. It’s worth it.

Challenge: choose one activity in your life and choose to TRULY believe that it’s working. Do this work RIGHT. NOW.


Big love,


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Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay