You're invited to tea!

Schedule a Virtual Tea Date with Heidi

Hi love,

Grab a cup of your favorite tea, set your phone on do-not-disturb and join me for a casual (yet deep) conversation about whatever is on your heart.

I have the ability to see you in your highest potential and also hold space for the messiness of being human, so know that you can show up as your honest self.


While there is no set agenda to our Tea Date, here are some topics that we might chat about:

  • Your current goals & dreams
  • Challenges that you’re experiencing in work, relationships or living authentically
  • My recommendations for how to solve your current problems and create what you deeply desire
  • How you can use coaching, Ayurveda, yoga, tapping or human design to transform your life
  • What my holistic life coaching process is like


We’ll have 45 minutes on Zoom to enjoy our time together.

You can schedule your Tea Date below.


Please note this is not a sales call. If you'd like it to be, please let me know at the start of the call. Otherwise, we can schedule a followup call to specifically discuss your coaching plan & price.