Design your most joyful life with 1:1 coaching

Heal your stress, find your confidence & love who you truly are

Custom-fit coaching for introverts, healers and unconventional folx

Uncovering your most vibrant self can be hard to do when you're overwhelmed, feel like your work is never good enough or so stuck you don't have the energy to think about much more than what you're going to watch on Netflix tonight.

Working 1-on-1 with a coach provides you with support and space to honestly examine yourself and what's brought you to your current status quo. As your coach, I provide a neutral and compassionate perspective on your blocks, as well as many tools to help you embrace and heal them.

My goal is to not only propel you in the direction of who you want to become but to also provide you with foundational information and skills that will continue to serve your body, mind and spirit for the rest of your life.

Because when YOU are clear, calm and resilient, you're able to show up much more powerfully for your business, your community and your family.

Coach Heidi Jandel Weiland

Schedule a Tea Date with me

Grab a cup of your favorite tea, set your phone on do-not-disturb and join me for a casual (yet deep) conversation about coaching - or whatever is on your heart.

My Coaching Process

The coaching will foremost be guided by your unique goals & challenges. There isn’t a one-size-fits all formula. With your desired results leading the way, you’ll learn & experiment & discover what feels like your authentic way of being.


Reduce stress & overwhelm

This is where we begin. We’ll immediately put the pause on overwhelm, pressure & stress so that you can take a sigh of relief. We do this with mindfulness in our coaching sessions and by finding ways to reduce overwhelm & create spaciousness in your busy life.

You’ll get to explore ways to help your nervous system feel safe and calm so that you can take a sigh of relief. 

Within our sessions, you’ll have space to be a hot mess and process old emotional shtuff so that you can be free to move forward. Using my toolbox of yoga, Ayurveda and tapping, we’ll experiment to find the practices that feel best to you. Often very simple acts of self-care can create big shifts.


Cultivate clarity

Here we’ll help you get clear on what success and an amazing life mean for you based on your own values and authentic self. By identifying a vision that fills you with  joy and excitement, we’ll have a goal that we will both work towards together. 

I have awesome coaching tools (based on cognitive behavioral therapy), which helps you clearly understand why the heck you’re doing the things you DON’T want to be doing - and how to change it. 

We’ll get to the heart of common behaviors like emotional eating, procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing.

We’ll take a deep dive into overwhelm, burnout, chronic self-doubt or whatever else comes up for you and find solutions that fit you.

Go forth

Take action to change your life

Here you begin to make small (and big) tweaks in your life to change how you feel and to, ultimately, create what you want. 

This might look like:

  • Implementing ways to replenish your energy
  • Saying no without guilt
  • Strengthening your loving boundaries in work and relationships
  • Changing the way you schedule your calendar
  • Bringing in quick and simple self-care habits to keep you at your best during a stressful work day

There will be plenty of room for experimentation, “failing” and learning with love.


The details

  • 16 sessions of 1:1 coaching to get you unblocked, unstuck, and moving forward!
  • 50 min coaching calls via Zoom, 1x per week
  • In-between session Voxer & email access
  • Home practices to support your work


Investment: $2800

Payment plans

If you're looking for an alternative to paying-in-full, I now have 2 payment plan options available:

$700 for 4 months for weekly coaching
$350 for 8 months of biweekly

While I believe that you get the best results with weekly sessions, I also believe that some coaching is SO much better than none!

Biweekly coaching works best if you:

  • Can maintain momentum in between sessions
  • Are grounded, know how to use self-regulation tools and have good awareness of your thought & behavior patterns 
  • Can commit to scheduling time for self-coaching & reflection in the weeks between coaching sessions

Life Coach Heidi

More about me

Hi, my name is Heidi and a life coach for introverts.

Using a mind-body-spirit approach, I teach my clients how to overcome self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety so that they can create a life they love. My clients build businesses, healthy relationships and go all-in on their dreams.

I'm a certified life coach from The Life Coach School, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and a yoga teacher. I love backcountry skiing in the mountains of Alaska (my home) and dabbling in creative activities of all kinds.