Summer Integration Coaching

Make this summer the beginning of the next phase of your life

For busy folx who want to take time off AND still make big progress on their goals

Summer brings the energy of activity and transformation into our lives. It's a season where we prioritize fun, changing up our schedule and getting the most out of the summer sun.

You can direct this beautiful energy towards your own growth and transformation. Whether you want to improve your mental health, live a healthier lifestyle or start a side hustle, summer is a perfect time to make change happen in your life.

To help you do this, I've created a special Summer Integration coaching package to fit busy schedules and tight budgets.

This one-time offer is only available in June, with limited spots.

Put your life plans into practice with my Summer Integration Session, made to fit your summer.

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Watch this video about Summer Integration Coaching: who it's for & how it works ⬇️

This special coaching package is for you if you:

  • Want to prioritize yourself AND have fun this summer
  • Already know the goal or change that you want to make but need help to make it happen
  • Have done a ton of research but fall short in implementing it to create real change in your habits, relationships or work
  • Feel emotionally stable (most of the time)
  • Feel confident that you can follow a plan that is custom-fit to your dreams (and your summer schedule)
  • Can maintain regular check-ins with me to keep you on track through all the summer flurry
  • Are happy to communicate as needed, on-the-go instead of by appointment so that you don’t interrupt your busy summer schedule

The Summer Integration Session isn’t for you if you:

  • Don’t want to take time for self-reflection this summer
  • Consistently experience feelings like grief, depression or self-doubt that would benefit from emotional healing and a gentle timeline
  • Aren’t clear about your goals or life vision (or if you’re worthy of them)
  • Want a more therapy-like experience with weekly scheduled appointments via Zoom


If the the above speaks to you, you may be a better fit for 1:1 Private Coaching.


Integration (not information) is what changes your life.

Integration consists of awareness, micro-tweaks, consistency and and self-love.

Getting support from an expert coach and guide can help make this process easier. This is where I come in.

With Summer Integration Sessions, you can work on anything you want. Here are a few examples:

  • Improve your mental health so that you feel calm and confident when you wake up in the morning
  • Followthrough with your Wildly Successful Work strategy (my process to help you create work where you feel more whole)
  • Transition out of a job or relationship (or into a new one)
  • Incorporate Ayurvedic lifestyle changes into your daily life so that you feel more vibrantly healthy
  • Reduce your stress & increase your confidence at work, as a partner,  as a mom, as a sensitive introvert or as an unconventional human being
  • Any goal that is in alignment with my values for my coaching (please ask me if you’re uncertain)


The Summer Integration Session provides you with:

  • Focus on a single goal (of your choice) that will have a deep impact on your life
  • A simple plan to live into your goal while also living a busy, sometimes chaotic, summer season
  • Accountability to keep on track
  • Support to help you through hurdles
  • Access to all of my knowledge and tools from yoga, Ayurveda, life coaching and EFT


For Summer Integration Coaching:

  • 2 months long
  • Initial 90 minute call:  get clear on what you’re working on, the strategy/action plan, how we want to structure accountability, etc
  • After that, we coach via Voxer (text or voice message) as much or as little as you like. You can leave me a message anytime. You’ll also get  regular check-ins according to your accountability plan
  • 30 min call at end to create a strategy for your next steps

When you look back on this summer, what do you want to see?
Let’s create that vision together.

Select your payment option below. You may pay in full ($555) or over two months ($282).

Must purchase by June 30th.

Money back guarantee

There’s a money back guarantee - if after two weeks you don’t feel this is exactly what you need, I'll refund your money.

PLUS - I’m offering a $55 referral bonus for anyone you recommend this package to who signs up. Please share with anyone who you'd love to see thriving this summer.